Vegetable Curry.

This dish is one which is really easy and cheap. The first step in this recipe is a bit of a cheat. Rather than trying to make your own curry sauce, I recommend buying the sauce of your choice. The first real step is to chop up un an onion into relatively large chunks. Do the same with a potato of some sort (I use sweet potato, tastier and healthier) carrots and any other vegetables which you desire. If you have any vegetables which are getting to the end of their shelf life this is a great time to use them. Then place it all in a pan together and cook away, I recommend allowing it to simmer for half an hour.

The finishing touches.

Once the dish has simmered away for half an hour, check how cooked the vegetables are. When they are cooked a fork should slide into them easily. At the point that they are cooked, start cooking your rice or naan depending on what you prefer. Finally with what you don’t eat you can tub up. Then either freeze or refrigerate for up to four days.

Want to add meat?

If you plan on having meat in your curry, I recommend searing the meat in a very hot pan. When the meat has coloured all over add it straight to the curry sauce. Then allow the curry to simmer away still for 40 minutes, check the meat after half an hour. If it’s chicken make sure there are no pink juices inside, instead the juices should run clear.