Love adult-themed cartoons? Crazy situations? Are you a big fan of puns? Is fast food your favourite? That means that Bob’s Burgers might just be the show for you.

The burger puns



The Burger of the Day is a recurring gag in the show; every episode comes with a new delightful one, you just have to spot it. A favourite amongst the fans.

The best scenes are probably when Bob reads them out, giggling to his own wit and patiently waiting for the laughs of his audience.

The secondary characters.

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You have the simpleton neighbours Teddy, who just happens to be there all the time for no particular reason, Mort, the laid back funeral home owner, and the other students at the kids’ school that catch a few gags here and there, but the funniest is definitely Aunt Gayle.

Aunt Gayle is Linda’s lonely and neurotic sister who is obsessed with cats and desperate for love. She also has a hobby of painting animal’s anuses. If that won’t make you watch the show, I don’t know what will.fwaf

The Musical bits.


The Belcher family are great fans of singing performances and most of the time, they make no sense. Be it Gene and his fart keyboard or Linda and her love for a musical, the singing is a big part of the show and you’ll beg for more.

The Thanksgiving Specials.


Every year, they’re great. Bob, as a professional cook, takes his turkey seriously. Very seriously. He loves to have long conversations with his turkeys, getting to know them and appreciate them, even once resulting in what looks like a crazed acid trip mixed with My Neighbour Totoro

46ey]Tina’s grunts.

Tina is a stereotype of the awkward teenager pushed to the next level. She is extremely shy and daydreams for most of the show and, when confronted by any situation, will melt into the ground and grunt uncontrollably. How many of us can relate to that awful time of being thirteen?

Tina’s romantic failures.


Tina is getting to that age when she is starting to wonder about boys. Mostly boys’ bums. And zombies. She writes it all down in her friends-fiction notebook to our greatest pleasure.

What is also appreciable is that even though Tina is a weird, awkward, shy teenager and she probably isn’t the most good-looking gal either, her family understands her, loves and supports her. If you were getting sick of the repetitious jokes in Family Guy about ‘ugly, dumb Meg,’ that’s another reason for you to start watching Bob’s Burgers.dawf

Is Gene a transgender character?


More often than once, Gene, the middle child, refers to himself as the best-looking girl in the family or the better daughter. Obviously, Gene is only a child but no one in the family corrects him or mocks him, they all go along with it without a care in the world. If you didn’t think Bob’s Burgers was a progressive show enough already…


Louise’s evil plans.


Louise is the youngest child of the family but she is the most resourceful. She’ll always get what she wants no matter how impossible the situation looks. Louise is always the one to save her brother and sister in the wackiest way possible.


Linda and her drinking

wgawgwag Everyone has this one relative who’s always had a little too much to drink so everyone will be able to relate to the Belcher mum and her drunken antics. Linda is a loving, supporting mum who doesn’t get drunk, she only has fun.



It is a ‘nice feeling’ show

If you’re sick of South Park and its pure harsh satire, or even Family Guy and American Dad and their dysfunctional families, Bob’s Burgers will leave you with a nicer aftertaste. The Belchers are weird, they get into the worse situations, they know the oddest people but at the end of every episode, they regroup and they look at each other with love. The writers always try to keep the family relatable, and to keep it as it is; a family. If you looking for this kind of adult cartoon, a realistic yet hilarious, whacky cartoon, go for Bob’s Burgers, you won’t regret it.



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