The Hobbit Southampton

Do you love great music? How about pint cocktails based on your favourite Lord of the Rings characters? Well then, what are you waiting for? If you’re tired of the same old boring pubs and clubs, take yourself on a quest to The Hobbit for a drink (or two).

  1. Two words- pint cocktails

No, that isn’t a typo. The Hobbit really do serve pint cocktails, each of which are named after your favourite LOTR characters. There’s 12 to choose from so whether you fancy a Gimli or a Frodo– they’ve got it covered!

  1. The Fellowship T-shirt Quest is a must

Just when you think that pint cocktails can’t get any better, you hear about the challenge. If you manage to drink all 12 of the cocktails, you win yourself a limited edition Hobbit t-shirt and unlock the Nazgul cocktail. Have a go if you think you can handle the challenge! But don’t worry, you can do this over the course of a few visits.

  1. Drink offers that you can’t help but take advantage of

Wednesdays and Sundays are Fellowship Nights and all the cocktails are reduced to £2.50 down from £4.00. Now there’s really no excuse to work your way towards that coveted t-shirt.

  1. Freddos

It is a tragedy that you now practically have to take out a loan before you can even think of buying yourself a Freddo. The Hobbit understands your pain and on a Monday you get a free Freddo with every Frodo cocktail. Treat yourself.

  1. Games nights

It doesn’t stop with great music and amazing drinks; the pub also holds games nights. This really is the place that just keeps on giving.

  1. Loyalty card

Once you’ve experienced The Hobbit, you’ll wonder why you never went before. To make up for that, you can buy yourself a loyalty card and get great discount on drinks and entry. It makes a great present too!

  1. Ideal opening hours

During weekdays the bar is open from 4pm until 3am and at weekends 4pm until 2am. Whether you’re craving an Elrond on your way home from work or you want to sit back and enjoy a pint until the early hours- they’re got it covered!

  1. A huge beer garden

This is an extremely popular pub so it can get busy inside. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be left out, there’s plenty of room outside in the beer garden.

  1. Shots, shots and more shots!

You didn’t think that they’d only have just regular old shots did you? There’s plenty of shooters and bombs for you to try if you fancy a break from the cocktails. Each of which are named after characters from the films, of course.

  1. Live music from local, national and international bands

Head on over to The Hobbit on a Friday or Saturday if you fancy hearing some live music with some great live bands. All bombs are only £1.50 for both nights so there’s really no excuse to let your hair down.