Bonfire Night is almost here. If you’d like to find out what’s going on locally we’ve got that covered. But what’s it all about?

Bonfire Night is related to Guy Fawkes’ failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Together with a group of resentful Catholics he plotted to assassinate the Protestant King James I by blowing up the House of Lords. Fawkes was found and captured while guarding the explosives that had been placed beneath the House.


Local history alert: What you may not know is that the judge who tried Guy Fawkes, Sir Thomas Fleming, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, is buried in St. Nicholas’ Church in nearby Eastleigh.

The celebration we know today is in honour of King James’ survival who ordered that the people of England should have a great bonfire every year on the night of November the fifth.

If you are planning to enjoy Bonfire Night at home here are some safety measures to consider:
  • Make sure you purchase the fireworks suitable for garden and home use from a certified retailer that are marked with British Standard Number: BS 7114
  • For storage use a metal box with a lid and keep them away from children
  • Ensure you have a bucket of water or similar nearby
  • Do not forget to hold sparklers as far away as possible from the body and face
  • Keep pets safe and indoors



If you’re planning on going out instead, where can you start the party?

Local firework displays:

  • October 31 – Beaulieu Fireworks, New Forest 7.30 pm – SO42 7ZN


A 2-in-1 event mixing a Halloween ‘Ghosts & Ghouls’ themed fancy dress competition with an explosive 20 minute firework display. There is also a traditional fair with a big wheel along with live music from the City Boys,


  • November 6 – The Ageas Bowl Southampton 6.00 pm – Marshall Drive, West End, SO30 3XH

The event, hosted by Zoe Hanson and Rich Clarke, will offer a spectacular 20 minute firework display. Throughout the evening you can also enjoy a funfair.


  • November 7 – Mayflower Park Fireworks Southampton 7.45 pm – Town Quay, SO14 2AQ

A firework show presented by Southampton Round Table No. 4 with live music and a funfair from 3 pm.


Have a lot of fun everyone and stay safe.