3 Best Places to Grab a Summer Drink in Southampton

3 Best Places to Grab a Summer Drink in Southampton

Southampton Drinks

The Rockstone

There is a great selection of white, red and rose wines; as well as champagne, beer, ciders, spirits, soft drinks, and hot drinks to choose from at The Rockstone.

Why not try the Laphroaig 18? This “beast of an 18 year old whisky with oak sweetness and notes of peat smoke, lots of depth and a long, lingering finish” originates from Islay, Scotland, and is absolutely amazing.

How about a Naga Chilli Vodka to add a hint of fire to your day? Their drinks menu states that this drink is “Only for the brave. Or foolish.”

There are three hot levels with this drink, and the hottest involves a signed disclaimer before you purchase it. Doubting whether this vodka potion is the answer? It’s worth a shot.

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With cleverly devised names, their range of ciders and specially selected beers provide an exceptional dining experience.

The Rockstone is known for collaborating with the local brewers, serving real quality ale and excellent gin. Check out their craft beer selection.

On 2nd June 2017, the Rockstone Cider Festival is back, where they will be showcasing over 25 local ciders, perries and cider-themed food.


The Stable

The Stable is well-known for their growing list of wonderful ciders. They stock over eighty different drinks including rose, white and red wines, lager, and brandy.

Opt for a cider tasting platter: a selection of fresh ciders served chilled or room temperature.

A highly-trained cider expert, the Cider Master, will assist you in finding your favourite ciders and perries.

Sample different ciders to help you search for your perfect cider, such as the Devon Mist.


If you would like to widen your cider-knowledge and expand your tasting experiences, there are cider-tasting classes available that are run by expert Cider Masters.

Try out their selection of superb ciders, sparkling sparklers and scrumptious scrumpies. Learn how to pair cider with their food for the perfect dining experience.

With interesting décor, live music, a welcoming atmosphere and attentive staff, The Stable is highly recommended for a place to drink.

Book ahead to try out their varieties of pizzas with unusual toppings and delicious drinks.


No. 4 Coffee and Wine Bar

If you’re looking for a quieter venue and prefer a more relaxed setting, why not head over to No. 4 Coffee and Wine Bar in Southampton.

This local bar is the best place to bring your friends over for a breakfast, brunch or an after work night out.

There is a range of quality coffee, fruity smoothies, chilled wine, mojitos, cocktails, and gin for you to choose from in this relaxing atmosphere with great deals and fresh food on offer.

Their homemade gluten and dairy free cakes are amazing!