Top Five Things to do for Valentine’s Day

Top Five Things to do for Valentine’s Day

Written by Taya Bryant and Hollie Ward


The day is coming up where everyone is feeling the love in the air. Here are the top five things to do with your other half, on your own or with friends if you have a strict student budget in Southampton.

1) Go to Nandos!

1st paragraphWhy not? Its quick service, reasonably priced, and most of you probably already know what you’re going to order when you arrive. So impress your otherhalf by applying the hottest sauce you can on your food! Your date will be impressed AND you took them to a classy restaurant where no one gets disappointed. You can even drink as much as you want if you purchase a bottomless, saving you money while spending it.

2) Stay in and have a takeaway!

woopNot everyone wants to go out to a fancy restaurant. Why not stay in pyjamas all day and watch movies (whatever your other half wants to watch!) on Netflix. Or maybe just watch some television and when the evening clock strikes, you can go through all your takeaway options. Will it be Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Pizza (Domino’s never fails) or even just fish and chips? Stay in, eat and enjoy your other half’s company.

3) Classic cinema!

Why not stay with the classic date and go to the cinema? Many things will be coming out this year around Valentine’s Day. If you are both superhero fans, watch Deadpool, if you want to watch a girly film, watch How to be Single or for a comedy watch Zoolander 2 – all movies that come out around Valentine’s Day. Bring your own snacks to save money and watch a movie on the big screen with your partner.3p

Local cinemas include: Odeon (IMAX), Cineworld and Harbour Lights.

4) Re-enact your first date!

StockBe romantic by re-enacting your first romantic act with them, just to show howdevoted your feelings are for other half. If your first date was in a restaurant, go back to that restaurant, maybe even try and book the same table. You can’t go wrong by remembering your love and the time you have spent with each other since.

5) Cook dinner and dress up!

Get inspirational and experiment with cooking. Cook something exquisite for your other half or just the simple but tasty meal. Tell them to dress up nicely, set out the table with candles and flowers to make it romantic while you serve their food with their favourite alcoholic drink. Plain and simple, but a winning choice.

5pWith all of these ideas, any student with a budget can think of something to do for their crush on 14th February. If you want to go all out for your other half, then it is advised to do whatever it is that will make you both happy.

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