The Quill Society

The Quill Society

Written by Bethany Adams and Hollie Ward

The Quill Society is a student-run organisation that aims to increase and improve the already impeccable standard of the English courses of Southampton Solent University. By creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment, students are invited to come along to a series of talks held by guest speakers, allowing them to increase their knowledge about literature whilst making new contacts within the industry.

The committee joins every fortnight to discuss future events as well as marketing the society. Despite only being established in September 2015, the members have already achieved so much, ranging from booking in guest speakers to organising theatre trips. The society has many aims, including improving the content of the Solent Literature curriculum in order to obtain the utmost satisfaction for students within the English department. The members consider the celebration of English as vital to the understanding of literary works, therefore the society has had the great pleasure of welcoming the following guest speakers to contribute to these aims:

The Poet Laureate of Southampton, Matt West, treated us to a selection of his own poetry during his discussion with the society. Similarly, Paul Davies, the Head of the English Literature at Peter Symonds College delivered a talk all about power in Shakespeare. A discussion has also been led by one of our very own Southampton Solent graduates, Jack Mellish, who admirably achieved 100% on his final dissertation during his English degree!

Paul Davies discussing Shakespeare in December

So far, students have responded enthusiastically to the efforts of The Quill Society, with each session holding no less than twenty students in attendance.

Matt West discussing poetry in November

The committee is compromised of five main members, each with a role that strives to maintain the societies ongoing success:

  • Founder – Seamus Finnegan, Lecturer within the English department of Southampton Solent University. Oversees the committee.
  • President – Hollie Ward, currently studying her second year of her English Literature degree at Solent. With the position that requires the most responsibility, her roles include contacting potential guest speakers, liaising with the SU, overseeing other committee members, organisation of chair meetings, ensure members have the appropriate training, and much more!
  • Secretary – Charlotte Lam, currently studying her second year of English Literature degree at Solent. Her role includes taking minutes at the meeting and liaising with Hollie, the society’s President.
  • Treasurer – Jasper Stickney, currently studying his second year of his English Literature degree at Solent. His role includes the collection of membership fees and approval of money spending in order to help maintain the funding of the society.
  • Social Secretary – Taya Bryant, currently studying her second year of English and Media degree at Solent. Her role includes managing The Quill Society Facebook account to covey messages about events to other students and booking the venues for events.
  • Committee – Joel Marsh, Sarah Penney and Emma Cresswell make up the remainder of the committee, supporting the society through marketing as well as voting on any decisions surrounding the society.
  • Members – The Quill Society would not be complete without its loyal members, who attend meetings and events at a £1 membership fee to the society.
Charlotte Lam (Secretary) and Hollie Ward (President) at the Refresher’s Fayre 2016

Look out for these exciting upcoming events and help support your Solent Quill Society!

  • Theatre trip to see A Raisin in the Sun Thursday 25th February 2016 at The Nuffield Theatre.
  • Theatre production of After Paris by Solent’s very own lecturer Seamus Finnegan, held at the Rosemary Branch Theatre on Tuesday 1st March 2016.
  • Workshop held by another of the English department’s lecturers, Carolyn Cummings-Osmond, all about academic writing at 19:00 on 21st March 2016 in the CSI room.
  • Third year student, Matt Holliday will be holding a talk on Thomas Hardy, accompanied by an end-of-year party on at 19:00 on 11th of April 2016.

Remember a one-off payment of £1 gains you access to any event held by The Quill Society. Extra payment will be required for theatre trips with guests are welcome to these. The society aims to hold an event once every month. The Quill Society are based in the Centre for Student Involvement, in Solent’s SU building.

The Quill Society will also be re-electing its committee in the upcoming weeks. Please get in touch if you are interested!

Charlotte Lam (Secretary) and Hollie Ward (President) at the Refresher’s Fayre 2016

If you wish to find out more or become a member see below: