Messy Student dorms

1. A Photo Wall Collage and/or Photo Frames:

When you first move into a student house or halls of residence the plain, empty walls can be a little overwhelming. There are so many blogs and Pinterest posts that show creative ways of displaying photos around your room. Photos and frames work to instantly brighten up a plain room and what’s more, can act as an instant pick-me-up when you’re feeling homesick or just having a down day.images-382009_1280

2. Candles:

I know what you’re thinking… but candles are not just for girls! They’re a ridiculously cheap and easy way to instantly make any room feel homely, and welcoming. Alternatively, with student houses and accommodation renowned for being cold enough to rival the Arctic (particularly at this time of year), candles are a much more cost effective way to warm up your house.6tEDlep

3. A Mini Fridge:

This one may not be quite so aesthetically pleasing, but a mini fridge stocked full of your favourite home-comforts is definitely a must have! A couple of bars of chocolate, and some beers, or your favourite wine and you won’t need to leave the room.

Does it amplify?
Does it amplify?

4. Bed Covers and Cushions:

Although students are renowned for their ability to wake up when most other people finishing their day, nobody quite prepares you for how much time you will spend in bed whilst in a student house or halls. Your bed will become not just the place you sleep- but the place you eat, you work, and you socialise. Your choice of bed covers and cushions, therefore, is very important. Shops have such a wide choice of bedding now, and names like Primark, Asda and Ikea sell sets that will hardly dent the student loan.3uUjX

5. Books, Magazines and DVDs Galore:

When moving away from home for the first time we often pack purely in terms of what we feel is necessary. However, as essential as pots, pans, an iron, and a clothes rack are, they don’t do too much to make your surroundings feel homelike. Make sure to stock up on cheap versions of your favourite books, magazines and DVDs to fill your bare shelves and empty room.  bYeNqvyOriginally written by: Alannah Crouch