1. Fall in love (with yourself)

There is so much emphasis in life to find a partner, a soul mate and be a lover, that we forget to love ourselves. Give as much love and affection you do to your friends and family to yourself. Spend time with yourself, be your own best friend, be there for you and learn how compliment yourself instead of waiting for someone else to.


2. … But also learn a thing or two about humility

Our ego tends to come before gratitude. We think so much about what something will do for our ego that we forget what it will do for others. Sometimes we put pride above everything else because we believe we are better than what’s around us, that we forget where we came from and how we started out. Everyone started from bottom, from scratch. Maybe you’re a small village person that got swept away by the rich big city and now all you’ll wear is designer instead of what you actually like. Never forget where you began, because as important the finish line is, it was the starting point that made the race possible.

You are not better than anyone else, you are just different from them.


3. Make new friends

New year means new people. Many of us have already established a group of close friends that we hold dear to us, but there’s still space to let in new ones. Approach new people, even if you’re shy. Smile at strangers. Talk to the first person that strikes you as interesting. Talk to people you wouldn’t normally – you might discover something new and refreshing. Stay loyal to your old friends, but always welcome new ones too.


4. Escape your comfort zone

It is safe to argue that human beings like comfort and consistency. However appealing these things are, they don’t allow growth and progress to happen. We all know staying warm and cozy in bed when we have to get up early for work is the nicer option, but we also know it doesn’t get us anywhere, which is why we’ll force ourselves out of bed. Do something you’ve always made excuses not to. Change one of your bad (comfortable) habits. Do something that gets your pulse racing. Speak up even if you’re scared what someone will think, you may be saying something that everyone wished they could. Stepping out of the comfort zone is what bravery means.

So you’ve probably looked back on 2015 and realised you did a few things you weren’t proud of. You probably made enemies. You said and did things that were wrong, but without doing so, you would have carried on in life thinking everything was just fine and you knew what you were doing. Messing up now and then reminded you that one, you are a human being and two, there are things you need to change and learn from. Change and growth are two words that deep down intimidate people, when actually they are the fundamental and inevitable parts of life. So don’t try and be perfect, carry on making mistakes – as long as you grow from them.