Work for one month

Usually the hardest part of travelling is the initial purchasing of a ticket to go. Even with an entry level job you can earn a steady £1000 a month after tax, which will get anywhere from America to Australia. So once your degree is over, definitely consider moving home for a month so you can save on rent and bills, and spend that first month’s wages on a plane ticket to your desired destination.


Get a working visa

A working visa means you will be entitled to work in a specific country for a limited amount of time. With visas lasting from 1 month to 12 months, they really are an essential part of travelling if you aren’t lucky enough to be born with the surname ‘Rothschild’ or ‘Rockefeller’. A working visa means you can earn money whilst you travel, which will also ensure you meet other like minded people along the way. Below is a useful website where you can buy a range of working holiday visas.


Work as an au pair

Being a au pair is a great way to see many parts of the world. If you love kids then this is a great way travel and earn money, as well as being provided with accommodation and often food. Places like Australia usually only require you to work 4 days a week too, so you’ll be able to get in plenty of sight-seeing and road trips. There are a variety of agencies you can sign up to, to look for work an au pair, below is just one website I found that has lots of opportunities and is easy to navigate around.

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Complete a credited and worldly recognised TEFL course and welcome a pool of opportunities, teaching English as a foreign language (what could be easier than teaching people something we take for granted!). This is a great idea if travelling Asia is high on your list, because this is where you will find most of the jobs. Being a graduate will also work in your favour when completing applications.


Utilise contacts!

Always remember those who have previously been travelling, are travelling or have given up travelling because they fell in love with a place so much, they didn’t want to leave. These are the people we can rely on to point us in the right direction for paid work, cheap accommodation, and if you know them well enough a spot on their sofa. They will also be able to tell you great places to eat, the cheapest bars to drink and the hidden treasures of the country you’re visiting.

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