CERRONE returns with new album!!

CERRONE returns with new album!!


Taking multiple generational hops back in the world of music, from the late 60’s onwards disco and funk had gripped the world. It was in this era that artist CERRONE flourished and came to make his mark as a musician, producer, and DJ – at least enough to boast multiple trophies and awards, including a Golden Globe for best producer of the year and multi million album sales worldwide.

Though the halcyon days of the disco came to fade, CERRONE’s music did not. He is back showing everyone that not only can a 64 year old still make music, he can do it better than quite a lot of artists of our generation. His new album ‘Red Lips’ is a 14 track piece, all featuring artists of different stripes coming together to make a catchy enough collaborative to make the student writing this article bop and wiggle in his chair.

CERRONE played the drums from an early age. The energy he put into his playing was apparent after he became part of the band ‘Kongas’ at only 17 years old. Shortly after the band got signed, CERRONE produced the song that would be the making of his entire career ‘Love in C Minor’. Due to a shipping incident, copies of the song were mistakenly shipped to New York, but by happy coincidence, everyone who go their hands on the track completely fell in love with it, especially DJ’s of the time. The positive attention he received was enough motivation for him to try his luck in America. He signed a 7 year contract with Atlantic Records for 3 albums and ‘Love in C Minor’ went on to sell 8 million copies, with his next massive work ‘Supernature’ equally well.

His success was clear at this point and he enjoying a decent level of fame and fortune. The producer would frequent a club called ‘Studio 54’ where it’s said that he would party with people like Jean-Paul Gaultier and Andy Worhol. CERRONE has enjoyed a ‘roller coaster’ of fame in that he has been lionised as much as he has been disregarded by the world, yet still talented enough to have a collaborative history with musical greats such as Daft Punk, Lionel Richie and Paul McCartney. It’s gotta be tough being only moderately rich and famous as opposed to filthy rich and famous.

Still, The ‘King of Disco’ felt a change in the air, his musical ‘spidey sense’ started to tingle and he felt that now is the time to make the old school current again. In November 2015, CERRONE birthed ‘Red Lips’ as his comeback effort. There is a clear revival of his earlier methods, but it’s particularly satisfying he chose to leave out the sex sounds this time around. ‘Move me’ was the debut track of the album featuring Brendan Reilly and has been described as a ‘hi-fi update on his classic sounds’.

Cerrone himself has said he sought to recreate the atmosphere of Studio 54. ‘These clubs had a very unique atmosphere, where we were pretty much able to do whatever you wanted…’

The disco god’s album is available for purchase now, and will serve as a welcome pre drink track if nothing else.

Check him out here:

Official Website: http://www.cerrone.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cerronemarc/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cerrone