Jack Savoretti ‘Sleep no more’ Tour – Review

Jack Savoretti ‘Sleep no more’ Tour – Review

Jack Savoretti

Shortly following the release of his new Album ‘Sleep no More’, Jack Savoretti embarked on a promotional tour of the same name supported by the band JONES. As his 4th date, he played the 02 Guildhall in Southampton. Standing in line for a good 15-20 minutes in the blistering cold seemed tedious and souring at first, but what a small price to pay that soon became.

The stage was all set and ready to go, the venue, a huge one to entertain, and the crowd that saw the gig sold out was equally as large. It had all the usual trimmings of a gig experience. Three bars, a merchandising stand that was reasonable enough to break into that lonely tenner sitting in your wallets or purses and a cloakroom that gently manhandled my backpack. Priority seating and VIP were both neatly located in the upstairs seating area on a small platform toward the back of the floor. Having sold out the VIP it was only a little amusing observing the mega fans packed in up at the top like a sardine tin. Still, everyone seemed happy enough, all eagerly waiting in anticipation for Jack to come on. The crowds consisted mainly of the middle aged or older generations, the only break in this trend their significantly younger children. What’s more, there were a particularly noticeable number of couples in attendance. As a personal conclusion, I found it was an interestingly mixed fan base for a man only in his early 30’s himself.

An hour after the doors opened, JONES, Savoretti’s support act, took to the stage. JONES opened with an eerie yet catchy kind of song, their whole vibe as a band was an interesting one, but as the song progressed it became less eerie and more catchy. After the first song, the lead singer addressed the crowd with a typical, but still very charismatic “HELLO, HOW ARE YOU? YOU GOOD? I CAN’T HEAR YOU…” Throughout the 6 or 7 songs the band performed they would break in between to talk about Jack, the tour, how happy they were to be a part of it and so on. JONES warmed the crowd for a good 45 or so minutes, and shortly after 9 o’clock, the main man himself took to the stage.

The stage was completely black. He received a welcoming ovation as his figure moved across the space. He began to whistle into his microphone in the unmistakable rhythm of ‘Sleep no More’ as white spotlight illuminated his silhouette. He was standing strong, acoustic in hand and giving it notable oomph for his opening piece. He finished the song and graced the audience with an almost sheepish hello. Two more songs later, he remarked on how happy he was the gig sold out, how the Guildhall “Is his favourite room so far.” He spoke of a friend who told him how he only sings sad songs, to which he apparently retorted that he also sings angry ones, getting a little chuckle out of his fans. He used this to open the song ‘Helpless’ from the new album which he described as “A sad song disguised as a happy song.” A couple more performances and the band cleared from the stage, leaving Jack shining beneath a single spotlight. He talked of his Cafe Nero tour, how he was only supposed to be doing a few and ended up doing it all over the country. He gave off an attractive sense of modesty that was particularly charming. This ran parallel with his ability to be able to perform live just as well as his studio work. As my own writer’s bias, I’d claim he was better. He then sang ‘Tight Rope’.

Toward the end of the gig, the effect he was having on the crowd became hugely obvious. The terracotta army that arrived loosened up enough to bust out some of the cringiest dance moves I’d ever seen. But I could only smile at this as everyone was loving the performance and the vibe was just on point. Pouring his heart out, singing his more lovey dovey songs saw the couples in the audience become sufficiently more ‘couply’. He had no shortage of female admirers in the audience either, but I’m only going by the amount of wolf whistling there was, to which he amusingly said that if it were a contest he’d win because he had a microphone.

Savoretti ended on ‘When we were lovers’, and to such an effect that an encore was pretty much indisputable. He sung two more, but finished with an amazing mix between ‘Written in Scars’ and ‘Knock Knock’. You’d think an entire gig is enough to get your fix of an artist, but I listened to his songs all the way home.

JONES debut album ‘New Skin’ is available for purchase now. Not only is Jack’s ‘Sleep no More’ album available for purchase also, he is still set to perform in multiple locations across the U.K.