DJ Eats Everything @ Switch Review

DJ Eats Everything @ Switch Review

DJ Eats Everything at Switch

The venue of Switch is packed from dance floor to rafter to see tonights headline act, DJ Eats Everything who id in the midst of a UK tour taking him around the nation during his Eats Meets West campaign. An interesting move where he is allowing the public to vote upon his last two venues.

The venue is Switch, Southampton’s biggest dance music venue, formerly a cinema but it’s a little different nowadays and tonight hoards of excited ravers have poured in through it’s doors to witness one of the leading tech house DJs do what he does best, With incredible lasers and lighting that enhance the whole experience then fold it is the perfect place for eats to give his fans a night to remember.

However, before the man of the hour takes to the stage, the resident DJ warms up the grown with some popular choices, clearly working with the light technicians as the whole vibe of the event so far certainly fees like a lead up of things to come.

Ten minutes until Eats takes the stage and the atmosphere is starting to pick up and the dance floor becomes more and more packed, until finally Eats Everything’s signature logo lights up on a billboard above the stage and the entire crowd roars with excitement.

An eerie introduction comes over the speakers with a pre-recorded voice telling the excited crowd that tonights bar has just been raised. Eats did not go back on this statement and the bar had truly been raised, from the first minute to the last he had the crowd bouncing and despite Switch not quite being at full capacity, the atmosphere in the room was electric. The dance floor surged with movement and almost every drop was met with shouts of approval from the jubilant crowd.

Dj Eats Everything tourEats gave the crowd a wave as he prepared ti release a wave if bass upon the revellers and looking around you take in a sea of excited faces eagerly waiting for that first drop to hit and when it does, it feels as if the intensity of the show has been cranked up to eleven. As soon as the first big drop comes in the light show kicks into overdrive unleashing one of the best light shows I have ever seen, and considering that Switch Southampton is famous for it’s lighting displays, that is truly saying something.

Taking in the combination of a joyous audience, a well strung together set list from a man who is a veteran in the game and certainly knows what he is doing and an extremely impressive light show it is clear that no one in attendance tonight will be forgetting their experience here.

Watching Eats Everything perform was truly something to behold and no one will have left the event disappointed. The man behind the decks seemed to enjoy himself almost as much as the crowd, bouncing and rocking in unison with the crowd that he controlled with his music so well, never letting the vibe die and making sure to play banger after banger. No disrespect to the other DJs on the night because they were awesome and did an exceptional job getting the crowd rimed for the main event, but it is undeniable that Eats Everything is a cut above the rest and well worth seeing live. By far one of the best live performances I have ever had the pleasure of attending in Southampton.

In conjunction with his performance at Southampton, OnTheScene caught up with Eats Everything in October for a quick Q&A about his music and life, an interesting interview which can be read here.

Originally written by: Aidan McCormack and Greg Stark