As students we don’t really have the money to hang out with our friends and experience fun-filled activities such as watching movies or going to amusement parks, etc. In this economy and with our lack of budgeting (especially when it comes to alcohol) it can be a challenge to spend top quality bonding time with your pals without breaking the bank.

But never fear. There is a solution to get your favourite companions over to your place that ensures everyone will have a good time. This list introduces nine games you can use to entice people over with.

These games, available on Steam, will get your blood boiling and heart pumping, as you and your friends battle it out in healthy competition. Not only that, they require no previous gaming experience so virtually anyone, from noob to pro, can enjoy them.

These are nine games you can chill to without the breaking the bank. In no particular order:

Gang Beasts


A game combining nonsensical violence with absolute madness. You and your friends play as ‘wrestlers’, normally dressed as animals. In various stages, all of you battle it out to be the last one standing in the ring.

The game has only one objective; to be the last one standing. Like any other fighting game, it doesn’t fail to get people riled up to be the victor. The graphics although simple, have a lovable look and the controls are equally simple.


Starwal Narwhal Fight


Similar to ‘Gang Beasts’, the objective is to kill off your friends. With this game however, the control of your characters is a lot more difficult as it seems gravity is an issue for the narwhals. Using your large and thick horn you must penetrate your friend’s narwhals in order to win.

The game is simply adorable. Although the stages aren’t that much different from each other, this doesn’t affect how much fun you can have. Using slow motion whenever a player gets close to stabbing their friend creates tension and makes the game that much exciting. Not only that but you can customise your narwhal!


Blaze Rush Car Racing


From the title, you can probably guess what this game entails, but it requires you to not only go fast but go hard as well. You could say it’s an explosive version of Mario Kart. You only have one life in each race and the pressure to be first isn’t really that big of a deal when there’s a giant car crushing truck always following behind.

This game doesn’t require any particular skill only a steady hand and a ballsy attitude. The arenas for this game are interesting and similar to Mario Kart, it does feature a range of different elemental stages. You get to drive on these arenas as different characters each of whom come with their own vehicle.

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Mount Your Friends


Well, you don’t have to unless you want to.

In this one you climb on top of your friends to win, simple as that. Using buttons to sway limbs and ‘stick’ you climb as high as you can, setting the bar for the others to beat.

You can play in another mode in this game where you have to kill the other player by ‘hitting’ him with your limp muscles.

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Where ‘Brutally Unfair Tactics are Totally Okay Now.’ For those who like to go in rough and hard, this is the game you need. It’s pretty straightforward. You just have to beat off your opponents, literally.
B.U.T.T.O.N is a game that combines technological gaming with physical strength. Players have to follow the instructions, some of which are simple: you turn around and take a few steps backward before launching all of the players into a race to either press (or not) their controller buttons. You either run out of lives or win by being the last one standing. Just like its name implies, the only rule is that there are no rules so you can hit, bite and shove your friends as much and as hard as you want. (Though maybe not so much if you want to keep them as friends afterward.)

BattleBlock Theatre

We all have to admit we’ve dreamed of being famous enough for others to enjoy watching us and our friends have at it in some epic gaming battle. This game, played against the clock, requires you get through the stages using teamwork to keep your characters alive while entertaining sadistic cat-human hybrids dictated to by an evil magical hat that can possess anyone, on an isolated island, all the while trying to save your fellow ship-wrecked friends.

One of the game’s highlights is the narrated story of the gameplay, which is to say the least, absolute hilarious bull-block banter. The gameplay does eventually get harder when you and your team mates have to go through a death trap of a stage, collecting gems and a golden ball of yarn in order to pass. The graphics have a certain charm to them, mixing cute aesthetics with a theatre and puppet like theme.

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Do you want to stab your friend with a long sharp stick and consistently try to establish dominance over them? Well Nidhogg can help you with that. Although the gameplay is simple like its graphics, its plainness is overcome by the overwhelming urge to crush your friend into submission.

In Nidhogg, you and your friend are each other’s opponents. To win, you have to continuously kill your opponent and advance forward till you reach the finish line.






Who doesn’t like doing it to the rhythm of music? ‘BIT TRIP RUNNER’ is a constantly moving game where you have to jump, duck, and generally avoid obstacles as they are thrown at you at speed. The beauty of this game is that the longer you advance more layers to the music are added.

This game isn’t for multiple players, but as friends you should be able to take it in turns, challenging each other on who can go the longest. You may be rivals but you’ll find yourself cheering each other on.

The graphics are colourfully pixilated and personally I don’t think they could have done any better than this. Combined with the music, they make this game fun and enjoyable.

runner12 runner



Are you and your friends terrible human beings? Are you not? Either way this game caters to you and your friend’s way of thinking. If you have ever heard of “Cards Against Humanity”, the same rules apply. They offer a question or a ‘fill in the blank’ and you simply provide your own for the rest of your friends to vote from. This game connects with your phones online (simply by searching ‘Jackbox.TV’ and entering the game pin) and displays what you input anonymously. The winner is the one who gains the most votes.

There isn’t much to see from the graphics, but the gameplay is what makes it fun.

Writer notes: I highly recommend this game be played when tipsy.

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