A cougar at 42
A cougar at 42

Is 24 too old to go on the pull? I like to think not.

Being newly single at 24 and moving to a city I think I have just as much right to go out and find myself an attractive man to have a sneaky snog with on the dance floor, as any other fresher. But when did age suddenly become a hindrance?

In general conversation this never bothers me as much when people think I’m younger than my years; obviously this is due to my brilliant skin and not the fact that mentally, I’m barely 18. But when I’m out on the town, there’s one particular word that keeps re-appearing. Cougar.

One instance on a night out a few months ago, I was chatting to a TOWIE styled lad and found out he was 18. Blimey. OK, yes he was beautiful in a Ken-doll kind of way but was he too young?  I was quickly approached by my male housemate who brashly stated:

“Are you sure he’s legal? You’re such a Cougar!”

Now, you’ve got to understand I relate that word to the funny and witty telly show featuring Courtney Cox as a middle-aged divorcee, whose boyfriend is substantially younger than her.  Spending her free time drinking wine and occasionally flashing her ridiculously well toned body.


I clearly don’t resemble any of the above points, so the only factor is that I’m older than the boys who catch my eye.

Surely in these modern times, age doesn’t matter, or is it still a male territory where it is sufficient for them to go out and pull young partners without being judged.  After talking to some girlfriends about this, the general consensus was that “Cougars are generally fit, older women with loads of money”. Well, money I don’t have but being referred to as a fit, older woman I suppose I could live with. But it’s still only a few years!

It’s not like I’m 50 and praying on fresh meat for a passionate night to relive my youth but they still seem rather enthralled when they find out I’m a ‘mature student’. Could it be the possibility that they want looking after away from home or just a more experienced lady in the bedroom?

All that matters to me is that I’m not too old to go out on the pull. There might be that odd chance I bump into that one bloke that fits into my life perfectly regardless to whether or not I met him in a night club, or exactly how old he is.