The Aces
The Aces line up in their brand new music video

The all-female pop group The Aces have released the music video for their single Volcanic Love, part of their upcoming album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic.

Ahead of their album release on April 6th, The Aces have gifted us with a new music video. Volcanic Love is one of the upcoming album’s released tracks, alongside the previously released Fake Nice. 

Directed by band member Alisa Ramirez (far left) and Nico Poalillo, the video displays all four Aces members in various locations. Each one references a popular piece of pop culture that centres around love. Inspirations include: Great Gatsby, Heathers, 500 Days of Summer, and Across the Universe and Comet. You can of course, watch the video below!

There’s a ton of symbolism in the video and leaves viewers to interpret it as they wish. For most of the video, they spend time apart while intermittent shots of the quartet are displayed standing in smartly-dressed outfits.

The Aces speak!

Of the video, Ramirez stated “We really wanted to pull viewers into the emotion of the song. We decided to do that by paying homage to some of our favorite films about toxic romances or ‘volcanic loves’ if you will. We also wanted to show our fans what The Aces’ Volcanic Universe looks like… a world of our own where heartbreak is mitigated by always having each other to fall back on.”

Last year, The Aces released their debut EP, I Don’t Like Being Honest. This new album looks to be a lot more personal and intimate. “[This] so special to us, a collection of songs about our experiences over the past three years growing up and transitioning from adolescence to adulthood” said the band.

Currently, The Aces are touring the United States and Canada, celebrating the upcoming release of their new album. For UK fans, the band will be coming to London on the 27th of March. You can purchase tickets to the event, hosted at Thousand Island, right here. If you want to pre-order the album and receive a free download link of Volcanic Love you can do that here.