the aces

‘Physical’ was just released, the new single is part of their debut EP ‘I don’t Like Being Honest’ that is set to be released in June 23rd, sign to Red Bull Records.

The Band is made up of two sisters, Cristal and Alisa Ramirez, Katie Henderson and McKenna Petty.

The two sisters were involved in music since young, thanks to their mum, where she would play ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston while their older brother listened to ‘The Misfits’, ‘The Casualties’ and ‘Hendrix’.

6feec0f1-cb58-4a8c-8bf6-1c6d34271f30Since eight years old Alisa played the drums and Cristal started writing her original songs since 10.

McKenna was then introduced to the bass when the sisters told her to get one for christmas so that she could join the band.

“They asked me to get a bass for Christmas so I could become the third band member,

“So I did. And then I had to figure out how to play.”

The fourth member joined in junior high when McKenna met Katie and after that they mixed their music tastes together to find the sound that they were looking for.

Katie and McKenna grew up listening to ‘The Cure’, ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Depeche Mode’.

Late in 2016 The Aces released their first single called ‘Stuck’ and that resulted in various compliments and observations by known music magazines such as “Idolator” which said ‘Windows down, road trip pop at its best,’ and Nylon claimed ‘All the markings of a stellar debut’.

‘Stuck’ also landed them in multiple charts on ‘Artists to Watch in 2017’.

Tracking some drums tonight in the legendary Lair

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Currently the band is in the studio recording their album and they will tour right after its completed, the dates though haven’t been revealed yet.

The rest of the tracks haven’t yet been revealed but it won’t take long as the album is set to release in two months time.