The Aces

After an impressive opening EP, American pop band The Aces are back.

The Aces have got a brand new single called ‘Fake Nice’ ahead of the release of their 2018 debut album. The song has been tipped as one of the stand out tracks off the new album. The group said, “Its one of our favourites off the album and it’s a representation of a funkier side of our sound.”

We wrote it about being from a smaller town and experiencing living in the big city for the first time while trying to navigate the new personalities that come with that.”

Who are The Aces?

The all female quartet burst onto the music scene last year. Already, they have been tipped to succeeded from the likes of the NME, DIY, Clash and Sunday Times Culture., following the release of their 2017 EP ‘I don’t like being Honest.’ But now the group seem set for their first full official album, that is due to be released early April.

The story for The Aces stretches back further then their 2017 EP release. Once, the band was formally known as ‘Blue Aces’. They decided to drop ‘Blue’ as their popularity grew in the states after signing with Red Bull Records.

Last years single ‘Stuck’ gathered over 4 million listens through streaming services and managed to break into the Top 40 on Alternative Radio charts in the US. This was officially the turning point for the band as it launched them on the international scene.

The Aces will also be touring the US and Europe between the start of February to the end of March, with a live performance at London’s Thousand Island on the 27th March. Tickets for the show will be released on general sale Friday 26th January.

You can hear more from The Aces in the links below: