Student gaming

Look at the enormous amount of student debt there is. With so many casual gaming apps now implementing micro-transactions, thankfully, we have found the perfect free game to pass the time between lectures.

Newly released console games cost more than £40 these days, and often this price increases as extra content is released in the form of DLC (Downloadable Content). Massively-Multiplayer Online games (MMOs) almost exclusively require expensive monthly subscription fees. Clearly, the gaming hobby can be a somewhat expensive one, especially for students on a tight budget. Interestingly, Agario is technically an MMO is in its simplest form. It’s also incredibly popular. It gained over 10 million mobile downloads during its first week, yet it has no monthly subscription fees. In fact, since there are no costs involved at all it’s perfect for a quick gaming session at any time of day. Agario instead is monetised through adverts and has also recently begun providing incentives for people to sign up using Facebook.

Agario is a multiplayer browser game where you type in whatever you want your username to be and start out your journey as a tiny blob. You steer your circle around, gobble little dots and absorb other players smaller than you after which you fly into a colossal rage as a much bigger opponent consumes you, demoting you back to a single cell again. It’s a very simple concept, yet addictive and fun.

There are a few different game modes. A standard free-for-all death match, team-play and a more recent ‘experimental’ mode which introduces new gameplay elements to the existing formula. In all of these game modes you can split your main cell by pressing the space bar and send one half flying forward to surprise an opponent. This feature, combined with deadly green ‘viruses’ situated around the map, adds a significant level of depth to the game and allows for more creative tactics. You can also shoot out small portions of your mass. This can be done to bait enemies so they can be eaten, or to feed viruses causing them to split. If you can fire a virus into a large opponent they will explode into a mass of tiny blobs making them an easy target.

A leaderboard is also placed in the top right corner of the screen revealing the largest players in each lobby. If you’re playing a solo game it will show the ten largest players or if playing as a team, the overall size of each. This generates a competitive atmosphere as players strive to become the biggest.

Why not have a few attempts at Agario in between walking to lectures and finishing assignments? You can jump in and out quickly and easily at or even download it as an app to your mobile device. If you have not yet tried out Agario, check it now!