If there is one thing most cities lack, it’s extracurricular entertainment for young people of a gentler, less alcohol guzzling nature – which was perhaps demonstrated by the success of Eastleigh’s first Board Game Cafe held at the town’s theatre The Point.

Organised by two affiliates of the Eastleigh Borough Council’s Digital Arts Programme Ben Cooper and Adam Carter-Groves, Thursday saw a successful evening with attendees given the choice of over 60 board games, the approval of which was evident in the sounds of laughter, cheers and rolling dice that filled the theatre’s newly refurbished foyer.

Adam said:

“I am really pleased with how it went. There were far more people than I had expected as this was just the first one, and the whole place was filled with the sound of people having fun.”

Ben and Adam are both currently on a year-long associateship with Eastleigh Borough Council’s Digital Arts Programme which runs from Eastleigh’s digital creative space – Tec Hub. The two are also games developers, Adam still in the early stages of creating his own skateboard themed card game Line – a game inspired by Tony Hawk’s console games – and Ben promoting his own game Ruddy Vikings. Ben took advantage of the evening’s success and promoted his own creation Ruddy Vikings which was a huge hit with the gamers, thanks to it’s charming graphics and easy, casual gameplay.
ruddy vikings

Ben said:

“Events like this were so helpful for us in the early stages of creating Ruddy Vikings, as they allowed us to see what worked, what people liked about the game, and what we needed to change.

All in all, both the organisers and the attendees enjoyed a successful evening of fun and games with the event opening up the possibility of more regular board game evenings in an area which is definitely lacking.

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