Amber Run Coming To Southampton!

Amber Run Coming To Southampton!

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Amber Run, who added in the Run part of the band name to avoid legal hell, are a five man group gaining gradual notoriety and who identify solely as a rock band despite a particularly noticeable dream-pop feel. With 3 previous EP releases courtesy of RCA Records, the band went on to release 5am as their debut album in April 2015. Now, the band have blessed us with the news that they are releasing their second major album For A Moment, I Was Lost – and for a few moments I’m sure we all will be when it becomes available to us early 2017.

During the band’s brief stint at a university in Nottingham, the members collectively decided that a safe and secure career was not the way to go for them, instead defecting in their second year to pursue the success of their collective effort Amber Run. Playing a number of gigs over time, the band kicked up enough fuss to grasp the attention of RCA Records and following a small negotiation period, got signed. This saw the separate releases of five songs that would later make their way to the first fruit of their labours – album 5am – which has been lovingly described as ‘unoriginal yet sweetly palatable’. The band themselves have said ‘We have always believed in evolution as a band. Not reinvention so much as taking what’s already there and making it better.’ …So reinvention… Basically.

Still, putting confessions of loose thievery and an enviable modesty aside, Amber Run do have a certain something that makes you want to listen to their songs the whole way through, with pieces like Noah racking up just under half a million views on Youtube, and the REINVENTED 2015 version of it getting just over half a million.

For A Moment, I Was Lost is the imminent 12 track album due to arrive in February next year and if you’re feeling generous enough to pre order it, the band will send out a very personal thank you in the form of Haze – just under 2 minutes of atmospheric synthesised vocals from the frontman who cannot emphasise enough in the song, that this particular haze is blue.

Stranger is the track chosen to promote their approaching work and can be found on Youtube and the band’s official page where it kindly auto-plays without any prior permission or inclination from you. ‘Stranger is about being hopeful.’ says the band. They also say it’s ‘about realising that sometimes you don’t get what you need but you’ll keep moving on regardless.’

If this level of motivational positivity is up your alley, the band will be coming to Southampton on the 14th February next year and other nearby venues to promote the album and perform their hopele- ahem, hopeful compositions as part of a 13 date U.K. tour.

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