For any of our readers who have not yet had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with you or your music, could you please introduce yourselves boys?

‘We’re Costellos! And we’re a four piece Indie band from Southampton.’

And how long have you been on the scene?

‘The band has been going for just under two years, however the lineup has changed a couple of times since then!’

Costellos band members
Frontman George Dummett and Bassist Kieran Wilson: CREDIT – Rhona Murphy

Who would you say have been your biggest inspirations with regards to music?

‘Growing up in the Noughties i think bands like The Libertines and The Arctic Monkeys have had the most influence on us, as well as bands like Blur from the nineties. Although in saying that we think we have our own unique sound!’

So you recently released your track ‘Keep On Lying’ how has the response been?

‘The response for the track has been amazing! We’ve had so much positive feedback since its release and we are really thankful for all of the love people have shown it’

And is there any new music on the way?

‘Yeah!! We have just written a few new songs and we’re really excited about them without giving too much away. We hope to be in the studio at some point over the summer.’

Having played last year at the IoW fest, as well as Common people in Southampton, What is next for the Costellos in terms of live shows?

‘We have a big summer coming up! On May 6th we’re playing Sala Franelrock in Oviedo, Spain! And we have a big announcement coming soon that we are really excited about!’

Ok here is the killer question, you’re marooned on a desert island with a record player, what three albums would you want to take with you?

‘Tough one, would definitely take the Happy Mondays album ‘Pills n Thrills and Bellyaches. That first Twisted Wheel album was a cracker, and maybe Drake to keep things interesting.’

Coming from Southampton, what would you say is the current state of the music scene here?

‘Its thriving at the moment, you have some great bands like The Novatones and Cassava making some really good music and getting recognition.’

Costellos Cover Artwork
Keep On Lying artwork

And finally, what would you say was your goal as a band?

‘Our goal is just to keep playing as much as we can! We love that! get some more music out there and keep on building’. 



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