Anything Anything Mayflower Southampton

After 80 years since it was originally conceived, Cole Porter’s classic production of Anything Goes sails its way to Southampton’s Mayflower Theatre, stunning its audiences.

This new production of Anything Goes, set on ocean liner S. S. American en route from New York to England tells the story of a young Wall Street broker Billy Crocker who finds himself on the luxury liner to be near his love. However, there’s one problem: his love, Debutant Hope Harcourt is engaged to the wealthy Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. With the help of Billy’s pal, nightclub singer/evangelist Reno Sweeney and a few other quirky characters, he tries his best to win Hope’s heart.


From the outset audiences were transported back to the 1930s by Richard Kent’s set design. The theatre was dimly lit and the stage decorated sultry and in geometric shapes, which created the illusion that you had just stepped into Jay Gatsby’s house. This exciting set gave a feeling of euphoria that only that of a great musical can offer.

The fast paced classic featured the outstanding songs ‘I Get A Kick Out of You’, ‘You’re the Top’, ‘It’s De-Lovely’ and ‘Anything Goes’, performed by the a full orchestra and effortless cast of 25.


Full of sexual innuendos, witty humour and tap dancing sailors, this classic musical was not one to disappoint. The list of extravagant characters from all walks of life allowed for all kinds of hi-jinks and laughs on the high seas.

Admittedly all characters played a significant role and the sheer perfection and dedication that each actor delivered was astonishing. However, it was Debbie Kurup, who plays Reno Sweeney that truly was the heart and soul of the production.

Her booming voice and powerful presence lit up the stage; if you weren’t attracted to her you wanted to be her. Debbie’s rendition of ‘Blow Gabriel Blow’ gave the audience hot sweats and if that wasn’t enough to book a ticket, the comical value of the musical certainly is.


Originally written by Annabelle Roberts