2018 marks 100 years since women were first able to vote in general elections and Apple and Snakes are celebrating!

Kicking off the celebrations, Apple and Snakes have released three podcasts, featuring various northern women’s perspectives on the suffragettes movement and what the movement means to them. You can give them all a listen here. Each episode is fascinating and truly transports you back to the prejudices they faced.

The literary organisation is also bringing in Tomomo Adachi, the “pioneering sound poet”. He’ll be performing in Birmingham and Middlesborough. In addition, John Hegley will be performing his new show All Hail the Snail (And Other Creatures) at Half-Moon Theatre between the 15th and 17th of Feb.

Tomomo Adachi performs.

They are also hosting a Poetry Pioneers: 35 Years exhibition which is touring the country until May. That’s coming to Southampton’s Nuffield Theatre on the 17th March and will be staying until the 12th of April, so you’ll have plenty of time to give it a whirl. The theatre can be found on the University of Southampton’s campus.

And, in less than two weeks, 451 is coming back with its dramatic relaunch. Branding themselves as 451City, the spoken word night will be coming to the Nuffield Theatre on the 15th of February. Francesca Beard will take to the stage to perform her new act How to Survive a Post-Truth Apocalypse. It’s an open mic night so expect plenty of performances and plenty of variation, keeping things fresh and a constant surprise.

Apple and Snakes has been an establishment since 1982 and a registered charity since 1986. They are prominent in promoting and encouraging spoken word poetry around the country.