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Death By Shotgun – Life’s a Beach

Even though September has swiftly rolled around and brought with it shorter days and colder nights, new Bournemouth based four-piece, ‘Death By Shotgun’ are determined to prove that summer is far from over.

Consisting of Dom Wright (vocals and guitar), Matt Gibbons (vocals and guitar), George Fullerton (drums) and Filipe Martins (bass), Death By Shotgun made their debut with the single ‘Forget About It,’ an explosive three minutes of sing-along hysteria that perfectly encapsulate the bands’ ability to craft summer soaked punk pop masterpieces interwoven with introspective lyrics about the hurdles of everyday life.

Listen to ‘Forget About It’ here.

Death By Shotgun
Death By Shotgun

Having already conquered an impressive number of shows for such a new band, including a short run with German indie-punk band, The Deadnotes, the band are due to release their 5 song EP, ‘Life’s A Beach’ on both cassette and digital formats through Suicide Notes, a newly founded Southampton based independent label.

Over the course of the EP, the band further explore a plethora of intrapersonal and tumultuous relationship flavoured musings, with Wright and Gibbon’s emotive performances only furthering the intimate nature of their lyrics. ‘Hate My Brain’ dissects the chaotic inner workings of one’s mind, while ‘Surf’s Up’ comes as an urgent cry for change all while accompanied by the sound of surf-drenched punk riffs.

Death By Shotgun’s ‘Life’s A Beach’ is due for release via Suicide Notes on September 1st.

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