The Barr Brothers
Barr Brothers

The Barr Brothers are back. With the release of their new album on Secret City Records, Queens of the Breakers is kicking off the band’s 2018 in style. 

The band consists of, you guessed it, brothers Brad and Andrew Barr. Just as crucial a member is harpist Sarah Page. Looking at the album’s track list, you can tell the band’s style of music is definitely unique. Some songs, like Hideous Glorious Part 2, fall under the 2 minute mark whereas You Would Have to Lose Your Mind is over 6 minutes long. BBC Radio 6 presenter Lauren Laverne called the latter one of her favourite tracks of the year. You can listen to it right here.

Critics are loving it and you will too

Since release, the album has been met with adoration from fans and critics alike. You Would Have to Lose Your Mind has racked up an impressive 65 thousand views on YouTube and over 1 million combined streams online. Furthermore, Exclaim! called the album “a rich and compelling record that deserves and rewards your close attention.” 2018 looks to be the band’s year as they’re hitting these highs and breaking new records.

Going on Tour 

To commemorate the release of their new album, the band are going on tour around Canada and the UK. Sadly, their Winchester show has sold out but you can still make it to their January 30th show in London, at the Rough Trade East. Due to their rising popularity, their global tour promises to their biggest and best yet.

To hear more from The Barr Brothers and for a full list of their tour dates, you can head to their website. From there, check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages. You can go here to order the album and listen to it in full.