Halloween mask
The biggest FOMO event yet. Were you there at Halloween?

The streets of Southampton attract over 3,000 people to its lavish Bars and Clubs during nights like Halloween. Party-goers come from far and wide to experience a ‘night-out-on-the-town’.

Over the years, Southampton has seen events and venues come and go. With so many to pick from, it can be difficult to know which night will be worth it!

On the Scene have scouted for the diamond in the rough, a night that’s certified to exceed expectations. We’ve saved you time and money and are proud to present the best up-and-coming event out there: Evolution Reloaded at 90 Degrees.

group photo on halloween
Come along to feature in their innovate club photography.

What makes this night special? 

Held on the last Sunday of every month, Evolution Reloaded is a well-kept city secret attracting only the best of the best. Splash out on affordable VIP entry and VIP booth to experience this night like it should be.

Start your night downstairs with the ‘regulars’ for pre’s, you’ll have plenty of space to dance to the latest before heading upstairs to the VIP area for the main event.

With a private bar and hand-picked professional DJ’s mixing urban beats, dress to impress, Evolution Reloaded treats its guests like royalty.

Dress to impress. If you’re looking for beautiful people, you will find them here.

Help yourself to discounted drinks on tap, or grab a signature champagne bottle you’ll be drinking from chalices, as the liquor is poured throughout the night.

The main attraction begins as a live showcase of underground artists perform. Get intimate with performers such as Dalla Supreme, as he performs his new album live.

As you party around your entertainment, electricity builds as you’re encouraged to get up-close and personal with the performers.

Dalla Supreme performs his new track, ‘Lose Control’.

Kwame Alexander Dublin, founder of Decoded Sounds and the mastermind behind the 90 Degrees Reloaded Night spoke to On The Scene about where it all began:

“I realise there wasn’t anything for up and coming urban artists unless they were booked for bigger shows. I felt this isn’t the best way for those artists to get out into the big world of music. Yes, we have social media etc, but many artists aren’t getting the exposure they deserve.”

“So, I decided that putting on a night of live music would help showcase these artists. They have a better chance of putting their own music out, developing stage skills and learning the ways of the market.”

Support for the night is on the rise. No longer is this an industry secret.

With professional photography available on the night, two rooms to choose from and comfy seating, you won’t have to drag your friends to this unique urban showcase.

The eclectic line-up attracts a multi-cultural mix of men and women. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded, professional personalities from around the world, there’ll be no problem meeting new and interesting people.

“Working with Ninety Degrees has been a blessing in disguise.

The response we’re getting is getting bigger and better every night.” 

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Grab your best friends and a bevvie, you won’t regret it.

Every night is special, so don’t be disappointed you missed the Halloween special. A new selection of artists will be performing soon. Catch rising stars; Tyrone, Hayez, Amos, Spider, Camlio Moss, Triggs, 4BZ, and Damian Murdoch live in action.

FREE Entry and £2 for a VIP Wristband for 50% Off Drinks and VIP Access. Make sure you are over 18 and have I.D. Dress to impress.

Join the event at: