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Indie fans rejoice a London quartet band by the name of The Big Moon seems to be the revitalisation the music genre needed. Love in the 4th Dimension is The Big Moon’s debut album; to be released in April 2017 it has already flown to NME’s top 100 list of essential new music.

The all-female band formed by Juliette Jackson in 2014 had already released several of the singles on the album including ‘Sucker’ and ‘Cupid’ in 2015 and 2016.

But the group has finally produced a complete 11 tracks to release to the World. Although the album isn’t exactly ground breaking in the indie/pop/rock scene it does a great job at reflecting the character of the band and focusing on the positives of the genre they love. The group spoke to ‘NME‘ last November and told them; “we’ve been playing these songs for two years now, and it’s a dream come true to finally immortalise them on record.”

See full list of tracks on the album at bottom.

Love in the 4th Dimension is jam-packed full of fun and pulsating songs accompanied by excellent guitar solos, big choruses and vibrant vocals from members; Soph Nathann (guitar, vocals), Celia Archer (bass, vocals) and Fern Ford (drums).


Records like ‘Pull the Other One’ and ‘Bonfire’ really portray the feel good factor of this album. It’s light-hearted nature and witty lyrics are ones you can see teenagers bellowing along with in their bedrooms or muddy fields, only lifting the album higher. Sarcastically inviting people to “blow smoke up my arse” from ‘Bonfire’ is just one example of the cheek in this album.

If you’re interested in purchasing the album you can do so online at:
Love in the 4th Dimension only took 12 days for the band to record at Eastcote studios produced with Catherine Marks. And it has already taken the band to a new stature. It has led to them signing deals with record label Fiction, selling out gigs and accompanying big name artists across the US and Europe.

The Big Moon are currently touring the UK until May, they then head to Amsterdam, Germany, France and Belgium. You can see all of their tour dates this year at:

Ultimately, this album has an energetic dynamic to it that is just to fun to pass up on if you’re a fan of indie, which will leave you desperately awaiting a second album.

  • Sucker
  • Pull the other one
  • Cupid
  • Formidable
  • Bonfire
  • The Road
  • Happy new year
  • Silent movie Susie
  • Love in the 4th Dimension
  • Zeds
  • The End

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Thursday 20 April 2017

The Big Moon at The Haunt, Brighton, UK


Saturday 22 April 2017

The Big Moon at Are You Listening Festival, Reading, UK