Big Narstie

Onthescene recently got the chance to speak to one of the UK’s biggest grime artists, Big Narstie. He’s made a huge name over the last few years and has the big personality to go with it. Read what he said below:

How’s touring been so far?

It’s been good and that’s quite cool.

So, who are you touring with at the moment? Is it with your mates? Or it is just you and Craig David?

All my mates and my boss man, I’ve got like 10 people on my bus. All my friends, my team. Yeah, I’m with Craig David on tour or it’s really Big Pete, Big Daddy.

Big Narstie

Are these the biggest kind of venues that you have performed at in your career, on this tour?

Oh, yeah definitely. They’re really nice sizes, arena sizes. (aside) I’m doing an interview…sorry.

That’s alright.

It happens when you sit on this bus.

It’s cool. Was it a good night last night then? Did you guys get wasted?

Yeah man, it was blessed.

What’s a heavy kind of night for you like?

Oh, man. You need like 55x’s on it.

Sounds good.

Yeah man, that’s the way. You know what I mean? Pretty sweet. Some people go to Church and have terrible jobs.

I’m loving the fact that, I’m on a journey. Like a pilgrimage, spreading my music across our country.

So, tell me, what more can we expect from your MC and your rapping?

Well, basically to keep giving you my message. BTL, you fucking cunts. Black man jobs. Woman’s jobs. Warrior warrior, unity is power and basically just keep showing you me. I’m like a onion, loads of layers.

What’s going to happen when Craig David’s tour finishes?

I’m going to take my daughter swimming and that will be stoked.

That’s quite cool. So, family is quite important to you?

100% man, I’d be lost without my family.

That’s good. Tell me a little bit about your YouTube channel, how did that come about?

Smoking weed

Your laugh Big Narstie, where did it come from?


That laugh’s just me man. I can’t fake laugh. I can’t laugh on cue.

If something’s really…like, I’ll give it 100% man.

Is there anything that like you haven’t told other interviews before? Like, something that would be quite unique for this interview?

Um, it’s been…everything’s quite unique to be honest. But, I will say that I’m humble man. The amount of experience and I’m loving the fact that, I’m on a journey. Like a pilgrimage, spreading my music across our country. Plus, every town is different. Not one town is the same and that’s exciting, like every day is an adventure man. You get what I mean.


You can see Big Narstie perform at Wireless Festival on 7 July.

Get tickets here.

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