Big Plans for Southampton – Royal Pier, New Aquarium and Conference Centre.

Big Plans for Southampton – Royal Pier, New Aquarium and Conference Centre.


Cultural and Tourist Destination of the South!

Plans are in motion to develop Southampton into the tourist destination of the South. To go alongside the vast redevelopment of the city including projects such as the new cultural quarter, station quarter and the West Quay Watermark. Southampton shall be taking even greater steps forward with large projects with the mindset of completely revolutionising the cities standing.

Royal Pier

The largest of these projects being the Royal Pier which shall be targeting the Mayflower park. Currently the park and the waterfront around it is looking tired and deprived. However with the plans which are in development this shall be completely turned on it’s head. The whole area shall be brought into the 21st century.

Royal Pier Vision

The target for the new Royal Pier is ‘to deliver the most atmospheric urban waterfront experience on the South Coast, giving unprecedented access to the city’s water-side and celebrating Southampton’s unique heritage links with land, sea and sky’.

Royal Pier Plans

The Royal Pier Waterfront will include around 730 contemporary apartments; a new major 47,000 square metre high quality office development, waterside restaurants, cafes and bars plus a gourmet Epicurean Market, a 250-bed, 4-5-star signature hotel and spa, a large casino with leisure and entertainment facilities, all of which plan to transform Southampton into a cultural and technological hub which shall attract tourists. There shall also be between 40 – 50 new shops and car parking with some 2,000 spaces. It will also enable the improvement of Mayflower Park, site of the world-renowned PSP Southampton Boat Show and the creation of a soaring monument to Southampton’s famous Spitfire aeroplane.

The development will include a network of attractive routes for pedestrians and cyclists that connect the city with the waterfront and a range of high quality public spaces and squares where people can enjoy time next to the waterfront overlooking new boat moorings, marine activities and views across the Solent.

At the heart of the plan is an enhanced Mayflower Park to provide a landmark recreational asset for the city throughout the year. Proposals for the park include an expanded 50,500 sq m (around 544,000 sq ft) area – 16 per cent larger than the current site, providing a range of spaces for all.

The park will also feature a play area with an interactive water feature, multi use games area, a 1,050 square metre timber boardwalk with waterfront seating and shelters to draw visitors towards the water and a café.

Aquarium and Conference Centre.

Potentially being built on the Leisure World land (Oceana site) this would be a new state of the art aquarium designed to increase tourists in the area. The Southampton council believe that too many tourists come through the city without ever actually sticking around. It is merely used at the moment as the place to get on the ships rather than somewhere to go on holiday before going on a cruise. To change this the mixture of the new Royal Pier, the redevelopment of the train station (which has a few more phases to go through) and eventually the building of an aquarium, creating exciting and beautiful things for both locals and tourists to enjoy. The designs of the ongoing improvements of the train station are well worth a look and they can be found here. Finally the new conference centre will be a place to rival the Bournemouth International Centre, which shall hopefully draw large acts into the city. Altogether the plans are exciting and shall, if realised, make Southampton the cultural hub of the South.