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In the past week, The Sun has reported Iceland employees being tricked into embarrassing acts at the Bitterne store, Southampton.

It started from an employee picking up the phone to a professional-sounding Irishman claiming to be from head office. The caller claimed to the employees they’d win a £3,000 prize and Curry electrical items if they took part in the competition.

These acts included licking customers feet, “pretending to be a vacuum cleaner” and pretending to be a stool for other colleagues and customers.

“It all seemed so real and legitimate at first, he was really professional sounding and it certainly did not sound like a hoax.”


The same thing was also reported in the Devon PoundWorld earlier last month.

Michelle Simpson and her daughter were shopping at the time and agreed to participate over the phone where they were given further instructions.

Michelle said during their incident the pair had to refer to the workers as “beast”, and at one point she was asked to find a “tall and beautiful” person in the shop to pass the phone to.

Michelle said: “I couldn’t find anyone who matched the description, but I found a small elderly lady.

“She was a good sport, bless her. She then took over from me in order the staff to do the strange things.

“We cottoned on that it was a hoax after around 40 minutes, we were tired, confused and it felt like they wanted us to hurt the staff with our feet.

“He wanted our numbers to contact us again, but we had had enough and just wanted to leave.

“It was very surreal. It just makes you wonder.”

PoundWorld then later apologised to the mother and daughter. PoundWorld colleagues and offered a £200 voucher in compensation for their degrading act.

The police are currently investigating both incidents and no other recent acts have been reported elsewhere.

Just to show how easy it can be here’s a YouTube ‘Bread Inspector’ example on 7/11, a food retail Australian store.