Blacktop Mojo

Filmed live at Audioworx Studios, the song and accompanying video are part of their 2017 LP, Burn the Ships

The Tuesday gone, Blacktop Mojo released an acoustic video for their song Underneath from their 2017 LP Burn the Ships. The video was filmed live at the Audioworx Studios in Palestine, Texas. In the video, filmed by Drew McCuistion, lead singer Matt James and lead guitarist Ryan Kiefer perform an acoustic version of the track.

Drummer Nathan Gillis said, “I’ve seen firsthand how bitterness and anger can destroy a person from the inside out. This song is about that, but also saying “I understand what happened, and I’m sorry you went through the painful things that brought you to this point. Keep your heart free, forgive people even if they don’t deserve it.”

The video is quite simplistic but the song itself is very good. It is calm, intense and has a very emotional attitude. Matt James’ vocals are clear and relaxing. They are followed by a very fitting guitar, which is the only instrument in the entire song.

In my opinion it is a great acoustic version. If you are a fan of calm, relaxing and even emotional music, you should take a look.

You can purchase or stream the LP right here.