Ani Choudhury

To Buy or Not To Buy; That is the Question!

Looking for the perfect way to stay organised and inspired during your time at university? Or are you finding it hard to juggle your social life with University work? With the English Student’s Academic Diary, you have the opportunity to do both! Coming to you soon.

The English students of year 2 would like to welcome you to support their latest project, ‘The English Student’s Academic Diary’. This diary is aimed at students but is suitable for anybody who struggles to remain organised during their day-to-day lives, or has a passion for everything literary.

The artistic diary cover is immediately striking and recognisable, and some of you may be familiar with the illustrated depiction of the famous scene from Shakespeare’s Hamlet during Act 5 Scene 1, courtesy of artist Ani Choudhury.

The Academic Diary features many carefully selected literary quotes taken from famous literary figures that range from J.K Rowling to Henrik Ibsen, you can rest assured that the English Student’s planner will assist in maintaining your motivation and focus. Do not panic if you don’t recognise the literary figures quoted, as the diary comes equipped with biographies and key facts and figures of these particular individuals.

The diary does not include any set dates, therefore it is flexible for purchasers to begin their new organised life at any time of their choosing. The English students believe, from experience, that owning a diary is vital in achieving the best of your ability especially with so much work to undertake and dreaded deadlines beginning to loom. So make sure you get one in time for the chaotic weeks ahead before, during and after the Easter holidays. You will find, when using the diary, it is most beneficial to record any revision sessions planned, any group work or presentation prep hours scheduled and work to be completed in time for those all important assignments and exams.

Other features of the diary include, extra pages for notes, suggested readings, to do list pages and tick box pages, in an effort to meet your every need not just for academic purpose, but daily life occurrences also.

So grab yourself a copy for only £5!