Sunday, December 16, 2018

Game review

Game review
infinite bioshock

The brilliance of Bioshock

Recently, whilst I was suffering from a furious head cold that ripped away my soul and left me curled up with a hot water bottle and drowning in my own sea of tissues, it... and what makes it great

The combination of mind numbingly simple and free to play may put off some people. However, there's something about that grabs you by the collar and won't let you go until hours later, leaving...


Every football fan waits for September to roll around as a new season of optimism begins on and off the field. Yes, it’s the release of the biggest selling sports game, FIFA, to release...

REVIEW: Call of Duty World War Two

Activision's latest release takes players back to basics. When Call of Duty World War Two was announced, it was met with huge appraisal as it has been almost a decade since CoD had made a...

Watch Out for Overwatch

From the creators of World of Warcraft, a game responsible for destroying relationships and social lives around the globe while single-handedly increasing teenage abstinence, comes Blizzard’s latest class A drug: Overwatch. Rising from the...

OntheScene reviews Fallout 4!

7 years since the release of Fallout 3, Bethesda has graced us with the highly anticipated Fallout 4... and it’s bloody brilliant. Story: Alright vault dwellers, where to start, Fallout 4 (F4) is set in the...
Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII – A Retrospective Review

Released in 1997 by Square (now SquareEnix), Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) frequently ranks highly on lists of top games and is considered by many to be the greatest game of all time. It certainly...

PREVIEW: Football Manager 2018

Autumn is in full swing which means video game releases come through thick and fast and Football Manager is no exception. Football Manager, the second biggest football game of the year, is set to...

Do you want to get into gaming? Five games for beginners

From the outside gaming can often look like a daunting experience with games like the recently released Fallout 4 gaining mainstream attention for being the biggest entertainment release of the year (surpassing Jurassic World...

World Of Warcraft: Why you should start playing it, and what’s to come

Arguably the most well-known MMORPG in the world, World Of Warcraft has a rep for being a game played by serious gamers, or serious nerds. However, the incredible story rich, ever updating game turns...



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