Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Play the Scene

Play the Scene

Pokemon GO: Southampton Meet-ups a Huge Success!

It is no secret that Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm since it's release on July 6th. The game was first realised as an April Fools prank when google teamed up with The Pokemon...

Gamer creates a virtual Southampton!

From personal experience, very few people I have come across residing in Southampton seem to truly enjoy, let alone appreciate the student city in which they dwell. Whether this is a testament to the...

Over 9,000 games in the Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Just when you thought your wallets were safe from Steam until the summer..."BOOM!", there's a brand new holiday sale. This sale works in two ways, giving you the normal highlighted games of the day and...

Slither.io and what makes it great

The combination of mind numbingly simple and free to play may put off some people. However, there's something about Slither.io that grabs you by the collar and won't let you go until hours later, leaving...
Steam Logo

Top 5 Weirdest Games In The Steam Sales

In the gaming world there are many games that promise a deep and impactful story or an addictive multiplayer element, but what about games that are just plain weird? Below we recite five of...
Exploration Sale


Indie games are quite simply the ‘hidden’ gems of the gaming world. Whilst big titles known by everyone in the community might startle and awe with their immersive graphics and massive budgets, these games work...

Do you want to get into gaming? Five games for beginners

From the outside gaming can often look like a daunting experience with games like the recently released Fallout 4 gaining mainstream attention for being the biggest entertainment release of the year (surpassing Jurassic World...

Gaming on a Budget!!

If you’re looking for a place to find games for cheap then look no further. You needn’t trawl Game or Amazon to get the best deals anymore - they’re all compiled here to save...
Student gaming

Agario – The perfect FREE game for students!

Look at the enormous amount of student debt there is. With so many casual gaming apps now implementing micro-transactions, thankfully, we have found the perfect free game to pass the time between lectures. Newly released...

OntheScene reviews Fallout 4!

7 years since the release of Fallout 3, Bethesda has graced us with the highly anticipated Fallout 4... and it’s bloody brilliant. Story: Alright vault dwellers, where to start, Fallout 4 (F4) is set in the...



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