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The onthescene History section covers a variety of topics covering history in and around the Southampton area [caption id="attachment_3511" align="alignnone" width="480"]Southampton Bargate Southampton Bargate[/caption]
Southampton in 1994

Southampton in 1994

The fascinating footage of Southampton back in 1994 uploaded to YouTube by Glen Harfield, a 35-year-old now living in Didcot but born and raised in Southampton. The series of videos were filmed on a camcorder by Glen's grandparents George...
presidential candidates

The First Lady and the Trump/ US presidential race

We in England may have pantomime but the Americans have something far more entertaining and theatrical in their US Presidential race and Republican primary. Ben Viney takes a look at the story so far in the...

Medieval Southampton

Modern Southampton is a flourishing maritime city, busses pass through its streets day in and day out, skateboarders glide around the Guildhall Square and street musicians perform to the joy (or dismay) of over...

Paul Davies Talks ‘Shakespeare’ And ‘The Importance Of Reading’ in The Quill Society’s Second...

‘She who reads lives a thousand lives, she who doesn’t read lives only once.’ The second instalment in The Quill Society's growing list of fabulous guest speakers came in the form of Mr Paul Davies,...
Cemetery By en:Erastus Wentworth

6 Interesting Deaths of Writers

Similar to the tortured artist cliché, it is generally accepted that many, if not most accomplished writers shoulder a burden of crazy that undoubtedly contributes to their literary brilliance. With the latter in mind,...
Winston Churchill

UK’s top 5 most controversial Political figures

John Profumo: At a time when the Cold War was beyond freezing, the public conscience of 1960s Britain was dominated by fears of Soviet espionage, with a whirlwind of anti-communist spy stories and rumors circulating...
Nikola Tesla

The curious case of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American inventor born 10th July 1896 in Croatia, is perhaps the most prolific inventor in the history of mankind. Having invented x-ray, radio, remote control, the induction motor and many, many more (we're talking...



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