Thursday, April 25, 2019


OnTheScenes advice column provides advice on anything from stress, anxiety to health tips and the best places to eat.  Focussing on the Southampton and Hampshire areas the OnTheScene advice section provides plenty of useful advice across the board - Live the Scene.
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All the gear with no idea!

Keeping to your New Year’s resolution? Was it to get fit? Well if it was and you feel yourself slipping away and not as motivated as you were on the 1st Jan. We have...
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Commuting as a Student

I’m sure that most of you lay in bed and stare at your alarm, maybe an hour or so before your nine o’clock lecture, and think to yourself ‘another ten minutes in bed won’t...
The Quill Society Launch

Creative Christmas Craft Ideas on a Student Budget

Decorations, presents and food are all important features for making a Christmas magical. Unfortunately they usually involve spending a lot of money, which most students just don’t have. Well not anymore, we have compiled...

10 Easy and Cost Effective Recipes for the Student on a Budget.

Need to stop eating Takeaway? In the next 20 days I shall be releasing series of recipes. Which shall both hopefully help you save money, and potentially give you new ideas on how to feed yourself. For...

5 ways you can afford to go travelling after uni.

Work for one month Usually the hardest part of travelling is the initial purchasing of a ticket to go. Even with an entry level job you can earn a steady £1000 a month after tax,...

Top 5 Sports Bars in Southampton

The World Cup is back this Summer, and Southampton is the place to be for this essential football viewing. It’s that time again, when all football fans set their differences aside to share the joy...
Jack Daniels by Albert Luo

Jack Daniels – The Agony Uncle

So the most wonderful time of the year has sprung upon us. The one socially acceptable time to get plastered at 12 in the morning on the bucks fizz, the time to sit around...

Take Health Screening Seriously This Year – It Could Save Your Life

As a student, you may feel immortal and resistant to any illness that affects you, whether it may be fresher’s flu or a bad hangover, you never really consider the very slim chance of...

Feeling Stressed?

University can be one of the hardest times in your life. You’re trying to balance your studies, social life, as well as cook, clean and balance money. It’s a huge responsibility, and usually a...
The Hobbit Southampton

10 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Hobbit

Do you love great music? How about pint cocktails based on your favourite Lord of the Rings characters? Well then, what are you waiting for? If you’re tired of the same old boring pubs...



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