Sunday, December 16, 2018


OnTheScenes advice column provides advice on anything from stress, anxiety to health tips and the best places to eat.  Focussing on the Southampton and Hampshire areas the OnTheScene advice section provides plenty of useful advice across the board - Live the Scene.

10 East and Cost Effective Recipes – Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry. This dish is one which is really easy and cheap. The first step in this recipe is a bit of a cheat. Rather than trying to make your own curry sauce, I recommend...

5 Things We Should All Do in 2016

1. Fall in love (with yourself) There is so much emphasis in life to find a partner, a soul mate and be a lover, that we forget to love ourselves. Give as much love and...
Jack Daniels by Albert Luo

Jack Daniels – The Agony Uncle

So the most wonderful time of the year has sprung upon us. The one socially acceptable time to get plastered at 12 in the morning on the bucks fizz, the time to sit around...

Valentine’s Day – On a Budget

February 14th has arrived again and the student loan is running low. This article will hopefully give you a few cheap ideas of how to get through the dreaded day. Cards Card Factory provide lovely and...
Messy Student dorms

5 Small Changes to Make Your Student House a Home on a Budget

A Photo Wall Collage and/or Photo Frames: When you first move into a student house or halls of residence the plain, empty walls can be a little overwhelming. There are so many blogs and Pinterest...

Teaching — Considering the options

Teaching — Consider the options If you are considering a career in secondary-school teaching, this article is for you. With huge changes in the teacher-training process, the path to a successful teaching career is becoming...
Pills in hand

Agony Aunt – Agony Advice for Troubled Readers | On The Scene Magazine Special

Dear Agony Aunt. We @ On The Scene Magazine miss the day's of Agony Aunt columns. We decided to bring it back, our readers have sent in questions for our Agony Aunt to answer. Here...
The Quill Society Launch

Creative Christmas Craft Ideas on a Student Budget

Decorations, presents and food are all important features for making a Christmas magical. Unfortunately they usually involve spending a lot of money, which most students just don’t have. Well not anymore, we have compiled...

10 Easy and Cost Effective Recipes – Omelette.

The Basic Omelette Omelettes are one the cheapest and quickest ways of creating a meal. They are healthy and tasty. Depending on what you put into them, they can be your main meal of the...

Take Health Screening Seriously This Year – It Could Save Your Life

As a student, you may feel immortal and resistant to any illness that affects you, whether it may be fresher’s flu or a bad hangover, you never really consider the very slim chance of...



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