Tuesday, July 17, 2018


The Hobbit Southampton

10 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Hobbit

Do you love great music? How about pint cocktails based on your favourite Lord of the Rings characters? Well then, what are you waiting for? If you’re tired of the same old boring pubs...
uesday 22nd March 2016- ECOTECA REVIEW, Neil Moodley, Head Chef at the ECOTECA restaurant, posing in on the restaurant floor in the brand new ECOTECA restaurant

Review: New restaurant Enoteca opens in Southampton

Enoteca is the latest small family run restaurant to hit the streets of Southampton. Setting itself in the fiercely competitive market of Italian food, Enoteca hasn’t picked the easiest of places to set its...
The Stable

Review: The Stable, Southampton

An expanding family business established in Dorset in 2006, The Stable is a stunning gateway into a West Country themed cider bar, serving a variety of gourmet, wood-fired style pizzas and pies, between several...
turtle bay food and lots of it

On the Scene’s Staff Pick: Eating in Southampton – Turtle Bay, Southampton

Eating out? Turtle Bay is a Caribbean-inspired Bar and Restaurant, situated in the heart of Southampton City Centre’s Guildhall Square. Turtle Bay is everyone’s favourite, so much so it's recently opened a new branch in...

10 Easy and Cost Effective Recipes for the Student on a Budget.

Need to stop eating Takeaway? In the next 20 days I shall be releasing series of recipes. Which shall both hopefully help you save money, and potentially give you new ideas on how to feed yourself. For...

10 East and Cost Effective Recipes – Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry. This dish is one which is really easy and cheap. The first step in this recipe is a bit of a cheat. Rather than trying to make your own curry sauce, I recommend...

REVIEW: Southampton’s Lakaz Maman is street-style food at its finest

Lakaz Maman is a Mauritian Creole word for ‘Mum’s House’ and the food you’ll find here is relaxing informal street food you can get messy with! This Mauritian street food style restaurant is somewhere you...

10 Easy and Cost Effective Recipes – Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Leeks.

Luxurious Macaroni and Cheese. First of all slice bacon into small chunks. Furthermore slice a leek or two depending on your taste for leeks. When both are prepared fry the bacon off to begin with. Then...

10 Easy and Cost Effective Recipes – Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara. The final meal of this series, it shall be using the ingredients which have been used in several of the meals. Through using ingredients which are adaptable and can spread to several meals...

Reddit user created a map of Southampton pubs

Where are the best Southampton pubs? The user called andthecircus just did an something absolutely amazing for all of us- created a map of the best beer places in Southampton! This project was inspired by...



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