Monday, August 20, 2018

music preview

music preview
ward thomas

Ward Thomas 2017 Tour!!

Following their September album release and numerous appearances across the UK (which can be read about here), country twins Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas have just announced their next tour - 22 dates across...

Preview: Escape The Fate

Escape the Fate is coming to the Engine Rooms in Southampton. Don't miss your chance to see the legendary band perform at one of Southampton's best venues on the 9th of June at 6pm! Quite a...
Teenage Fanclub New

Teenage Fanclub Album & Tour!

Formed in 1989, Teenage Fanclub still refuse to give into the six year system of rock ‘n’ roll, where youths would band together, perform, find some label and play until it was all up,...
Amber Run

Amber Run Coming To Southampton!

Amber Run, who added in the Run part of the band name to avoid legal hell, are a five man group gaining gradual notoriety and who identify solely as a rock band despite a...

BlackWaters new single & tour!

Guildford grown punk-rockers BlackWaters are a spit-fuelled four piece that have channelled their pent up aggression into rampant, agitated punk rock’n’roll. Their new release ‘Down’ is the eagerly awaited sequel to their original debut ‘So...

Preview: Temples of Youth

Aside from singer Foxes, Benny Hill and the area’s newest superstar Sam Clark (you know, the guy that's caught all 143 Pokemon in Pokemon GO) - Southampton isn’t well known for it’s wealth of...
Tom Walker

Tom Walker Headline Tour

Fresh star Tom Walker is making news for himself as a British musician to keep an eye out for in 2017! Tom’s voice is highly praised as the Scottish born and Manchester bred musician...

Preview: Joanna MacGregor

Don't miss your chance to hear the unique performance by Joanna MacGregor Joanna MacGregor brings the season to a close with a programme featuring two of Beethoven’s greatest sonatas, the mammoth Appassionata and Op 111, his...
Jax Jones

Jax Jones New Album & Festivals

After smashing the charts with the worldwide success of his hit single You Don’t Know Me, featuring BBC Sound of 2017 nominee Raye, multi-talented songwriter and producer Jax Jones is looking to follow up...

Reef To Perform In Portsmouth!

Reef were formed back in 1993 and quickly went on to release four studio albums after signing with Sony imprint S2. Originating from Somerset, these legendary rockers are back with UK tour dates as...



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