Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Music Features

Music Features

Southampton Music Features 

The HeartheScene (Hear The Scene) Southampton Music Feature section of OntheScene is devoted to featuring up-and-coming artists and already well established artists from around the city. We try to feature as many artists as we can to give you the best insight to music in the city. Follow Southampton Music Features to see what we feature. [caption id="attachment_2412" align="alignnone" width="640"]The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing[/caption]

Jack Woodward releases new single: HIGHER

North-West England singer-songwriter Jack Woodward has returned with his catchy new single ‘Higher.’ This single sure is addictive! ‘Higher’ begins with a compelling mellow tone and his clear, strong voice brings a focus on his lyrics...

DMA’s long awaited single is here

Australian band DMA’s have unveiled their new single ‘Dawning’ which has certainly not disappointed fans after their long wait for new material.  DMA’s who are composed of Tommy O’Dell, Matt Mason, and Jonny Took together...
Josh Ritter

PREVIEW: Josh Ritter’s 9th Album

‘Gathering’ is Josh Ritter’s 9th album, born from a 20-year career of folk-rock. The album is an anthology of sophisticated offerings that makes Ritter’s experience shine through. It's a commendable progression from his earlier efforts such...

The Amazons continue to make their mark

The Amazons continue to make their mark as they share the new vigorous video for fan favourite track ‘Ultraviolet’, featuring the band’s emotive performance augmented by animations. The new video captures the band excelling in...

Southampton’s own punk-poet in residence, Sean McGowan to play The Loft!

2017 has been a pretty decent year for Southampton’s own prodigal punk, Seán McGowan. Not only did this year see himself and the band reach dizzying heights as they played phenomenal festival sets at...

Synth-Pop pioneers Blancmange to play The 1865

Synth-Pop pioneers Blancmange share chilling new single ‘Anna Dine’ from upcoming album, ‘Unfurnished Rooms’ Legendary synth-pop duo and pioneers of the genre, Blancmange is set to return once again with Unfurnished Rooms, their ninth studio...
the sherlocks

The Sherlocks ‘Live For The Moment’

Sheffield based Indie four piece, The Sherlocks, have seen their fair share of celebrations this week and with good reason too. This week saw not only the 24th birthday of lead guitarist Josh Davidson,...
Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters new song ‘The Sky Is A Neighbourhood’

Foo Fighters premier out-of-this-world visual for new song “The Sky Is A Neighbourhood.” Following on from the surprise release of the face-melting single “Run” back in June, Foo Fighters have just unveiled their follow-up, “The...
Image of Death By Shotgun - Life's A Beach (Pre Order)

BAND PROFILE: Death By Shotgun

Death By Shotgun – Life’s a Beach Even though September has swiftly rolled around and brought with it shorter days and colder nights, new Bournemouth based four-piece, ‘Death By Shotgun’ are determined to prove that...

Brand New are back with surprise album ‘Science Fiction’

Brand New rise from the grave with spine-tingling new surprise album, ‘Science Fiction.’ Science Fiction When Long Island post-hardcore outfit Brand New released their fourth studio album ‘Daisy’ in 2009, an extremely abrasive forty minute long...



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