Sunday, May 20, 2018

Music Features

Music Features

Southampton Music Features 

The HeartheScene (Hear The Scene) Southampton Music Feature section of OntheScene is devoted to featuring up-and-coming artists and already well established artists from around the city. We try to feature as many artists as we can to give you the best insight to music in the city. Follow Southampton Music Features to see what we feature. [caption id="attachment_2412" align="alignnone" width="640"]The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing[/caption]

EXCLUSIVE: “Remember You” – The Emergency Please On The Scene sat down with Karan Master, front-man for The Emergency Please.  The pioneers of Neo-Pop Punk in Southampton.  On The Scene were invited into the humble abode of Karan Master. It's the day of...

New album: Familiar Strange

Maths and The Moon is an alternative rock trio from Southampton. Maths and The Moon have just released an album called 'Familiar Strange' which is now available online. The album features such focus tracks as Futurist, Magic, Boomerang and Psych-Seeing. Lost in the forest with nothing but...

The Pigeon Detectives New Album & Single

Platinum selling Indie rockers Matt, Oliver, Ryan, Jimmi and David have scheduled to release their newest single on 30th September previewing their upcoming LP album. Taken from their upcoming album, the single has been said to...

30 Seconds to Mars’ new single ‘Dangerous Night’ released

Out of the blue, 30 Second to Mars released the second single from their upcoming untitled album last Thursday night. Following last August’s release of Walk on Water, the band has thrilled our ears...
John Prine gears up for his 2018 tour

PREVIEW: John Prine’s new album out in April

The iconic singer has also surprised us with 3 UK dates. John Prine is back with new music after thirteen years. The album will be released on the 13th of April and you can now...

Island Club release new track ‘Irresistible’

Brighton newcomers Island Club make their mark on the indie-pop scene with new track ‘Irresistible’. The emerging five-piece have already set in stone their groovy synth sound following the success of earlier tracks ‘Paper Kiss’...
Bowling for Soup

Bowling For Soup bring their ‘How About Another Round’ tour to Southampton

Bowling For Soup arrive in Southampton on February 13th on their latest tour with a visit to the O2 Guildhall.   (Tickets still available from the Box Office here  023 8063 2601) The UK isn't...

Preview: Rockwood Festival 2016

Rockwood Festival is about to hit Hampshire on the 4th of June! The new Rookwood event is the brainchild of local actor couple Sarah Parish and Jim Murray, of Ovington in Hampshire and the event...

PREVIEW: Mirrorman presents at Heartbreakers, Southampton

Don’t miss out! Mirrorman presents a second event this February with even more incredible live music! If you enjoy live music you should really head down to Southampton’s Heartbreakers, on Thursday 22nd of February. Mirrorman...
Isle of Wight Festival 2016

Details of Isle of Wight Festival’s Hard Rock Stage announced

Hard Rock Cafe is ready to rock The Isle of Wight Festival this year from 9-12 June 2016 as the Hard Rock Stage returns once again. The Hard Rock Stage, curated by Hard Rock...



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