Sunday, December 17, 2017

Music Features

Music Features

Southampton Music Features 

The HeartheScene (Hear The Scene) Southampton Music Feature section of OntheScene is devoted to featuring up-and-coming artists and already well established artists from around the city. We try to feature as many artists as we can to give you the best insight to music in the city. Follow Southampton Music Features to see what we feature. [caption id="attachment_2412" align="alignnone" width="640"]The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing[/caption]

Preview: PsychoJelly Tour

If you’re a fan of heavy metal, laughing and large-scale food fights, then perhaps you’ll enjoy getting ‘punched in your FACE with the fist of funny’ at the first Psychostick and Green Jelly collaboration...

Fun Lovin’ Criminals Preview

2016 was an exciting year for the Fun Lovin Criminals. The New York trio spent much of the year celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album Come Find Yourself with a tour across Europe...

Lighthouse: Mental Health Album Wins Award!

An album about mental health has picked up the Album Of The Year at this year’s Progressive Music Awards. Held on Thursday 1st September at Underglobe beneath Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, the Progressive...

The Travelling Band tour & new album!

10 years in the making, the formative 2006 recording sessions in Brooklyn have since become a landmark date denoting the creation of the indie folk group The Travelling Band. The band have since released...
the delays

The Delays: Get ‘Valentine’ To Number 1!!

Chart campaign launched for Greg Gilbert Fans hoping to get Delays song ‘Valentine’ to Number 1 for Valentine’s Day Keeping close to home, Delays are a Southampton based indie band. Unfortunately, their lead singer Greg Gilbert...

Blaenavon is where the heart is, baby.

"Blaenavon is where the heart is, baby"... and for Blaenavon, their heart is clearly in the music. The Hampshire up-and-comers started young (no, really - they were making a name for themselves by age 16) and...

I AM KODE New Single Review

Producer, musician and vocalist I AM KODE is releasing a new single on Downtown 82 Records on the 9th June 2017. The new single 'Come Steal My Sole' has been released alongside a reworked...

‘Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes’ New Song ‘Lullaby’

Lullaby Introducing 'Lullaby' to the world is 'Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes'. The opening riff is one which could easily be likened to many of the great riffs from MUSE. It is a fast paced low guttural...

Preview: Joanna MacGregor

Don't miss your chance to hear the unique performance by Joanna MacGregor Joanna MacGregor brings the season to a close with a programme featuring two of Beethoven’s greatest sonatas, the mammoth Appassionata and Op 111, his...
Craig David by Jonathan Andel

Craig David covers Justin Bieber – and it’s better than the original

It’s been 5 years since Southampton’s Craig David released his last album but his latest comeback trail is hitting the headlines today after his garage cover of a Justin Bieber track has gone viral, sending the...



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