Thursday, April 25, 2019


OnTheScene Politics section covers all the latest politics news and views from Southampton, Hampshire and the rest of the the UK

‘Solent Devolution’ to grant £900m budget

Following the controversial outcome of the EU referendum, the residents of Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight are undergoing their own changes of independence. Residents are being asked on their opinion on a creating...
presidential candidates

The First Lady and the Trump/ US presidential race

We in England may have pantomime but the Americans have something far more entertaining and theatrical in their US Presidential race and Republican primary. Ben Viney takes a look at the story so far in the...
Calais Refugee crisis

What is it really like in the refugee jungle of Calais?

In recent years and especially since the Syria crisis, the number of refugees coming in to Europe has grown dramatically.  Refugees are now spread all over Europe but many want to come to the...
NBC Nightly News Broadcast

A Summary of the Biggest News Stories of 2015

With 2015 drawing to a close we look back at the most talked about news stories from the past year. Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris: Back in January, two gunmen, Cherif and Said Kouachi massacred...
By U.S. Marine Corps

Airstrikes in Syria – The right decision? Have your say

  In the wake of one of the most controversial decisions in UK politics since Blair decided to invade Iraq in 2003, many people are having their say about the UK airstrikes in Syria.     Veterans for...
Winston Churchill

UK’s top 5 most controversial Political figures

John Profumo: At a time when the Cold War was beyond freezing, the public conscience of 1960s Britain was dominated by fears of Soviet espionage, with a whirlwind of anti-communist spy stories and rumors circulating...
Byrne Photo

Should Someone’s Personal Life be Used in Politics?

On 24th November 2015, Labour MP Liam Byrne spoke publicly about growing up with an alcoholic father. Some may say this is a good way to promote awareness of the insidious affliction that affects many...

Debate: Abortion vs Guns in the USA

In The United States of America, you have had the right to keep and bear arms since December 15th 1791, according to the second amendment in the constitution. All you need to buy a...
David Cameron


WHAT IN THE NAME OF PIG-GATE IS GOING ON? The last few weeks have seen the Westminster machine up its political rhetoric in honour of Party Conference season. With a daily barrage of frenzied news...
Jeremy Corbyn

WINGING IT: My Political Journey

Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory in the Labour Party leadership contest is sure to be remembered as one of the most significant moments in political history. Love him or loath him, there is certainly no...



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