Thursday, April 25, 2019

short story

short story
Southampton in 1994

Southampton in 1994

The fascinating footage of Southampton back in 1994 uploaded to YouTube by Glen Harfield, a 35-year-old now living in Didcot but born and raised in Southampton. The series of videos were filmed on a camcorder by Glen's grandparents George...

Zany Zebra found in Southampton

Gilbert, the zebra sculpture stolen from a truck in Southampton, has been found this evening. Marwell Zoo has confirmed that the £2,500 'Zany Zebra' was recovered by Hampshire Constabulary. The piece, one of 150 to be...
Power of Words

Calling all Southampton Solent Writers!

Do you have a story you need to tell? Then this is the competition for you. This contest is open to any Solent students who can tell a story in 75-1000 words and entertain their...
The Rider in Black

SHORT STORY: The Rider in Black by Lauren Marshall

It was a dark and soon to be stormy night. The church bell was ringing to announce curfew. The last minute stragglers trudged home, dragging their unsold wares on carts from the market. The...



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