Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Power of Words

Calling all Southampton Solent Writers!

Do you have a story you need to tell? Then this is the competition for you. This contest is open to any Solent students who can tell a story in 75-1000 words and entertain their...

Music Review: ‘Star Roving’ by Slowdive

Shoe-gazers and lovers of nineties nostalgia rejoice, as infamous noise-making quintet Slowdive have shook the earth once more with their new single ‘Star Roving.’ The single, which was accompanied by the news that the...

The Travelling Band tour & new album!

10 years in the making, the formative 2006 recording sessions in Brooklyn have since become a landmark date denoting the creation of the indie folk group The Travelling Band. The band have since released...
The Quill Society Launch

Creative Christmas Craft Ideas on a Student Budget

Decorations, presents and food are all important features for making a Christmas magical. Unfortunately they usually involve spending a lot of money, which most students just don’t have. Well not anymore, we have compiled...
you me at six

You Me At Six Tour Dates Released!

You Me At Six have just released their UK tour dates for 2017! After a very successful performance at the O2 Guildhall this October, You Me At Six will be returning to the vicinity next...

Pokémon Hunt & Discussion This Saturday!

With the mass popularity of Pokémon GO - a game that successfully integrates technology with nature and the real world - it is no wonder that the phenomenon has sparked curiosity and created areas of interest...

Wildlife Festival 2017!!

With April finally drawing to a close it means that festival season will soon be upon us. Unsurprisingly, the highlights of many people’s summers is going to a festival; nothing quite compares to seeing...

Best Internet Offers For Students

You know those call centres that everybody hates? You know, those people who call up and ask you if you're happy with your current internet provider? Yeah those guys. I hate those guys. So anyway,...

‘Solent Devolution’ to grant £900m budget

Following the controversial outcome of the EU referendum, the residents of Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight are undergoing their own changes of independence. Residents are being asked on their opinion on a creating...
Black Friday

Black Friday 2015 – Let us be your guide to grabbing a bargain!

Black Friday this year welcomes everyone looking to grab some advantageous bargains. As we head towards the Christmas period in high speed, everyone’s looking out for discounts, special offers and deals on gifts for...



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