Saturday, November 17, 2018

Deadpool: A Cesspool of Cheap, Shock-Value Profanity

The highly anticipated movie Deadpool was a disaster for me. Prior to the release of the film, you couldn’t go anywhere without being confronted with a Deadpool trailer or billboard. It was real-life spam at...

FILM REVIEW: The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

The Killing of a Sacred Deer: ★★★★1/2 Leaving the cinema with deeper frown lines than you had before, bags under your eyes and a migraine, this will be the first time this feeling of frenzy...

Review: ‘Deadpool’ is a glorious departure from the superhero norm.

In 1991, comic book writers Rob Liefield and Frank Nicieza introduced the world to Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool, the ‘Merc with a Mouth’. Initially a cold-blooded mercenary, the character quickly garnered a cult following...
hunger games By Diseñadores publicitarios

Mockingjay Part 2: Movie Review

If you are a die-hard Hunger Games fan and have not yet seen Mockingjay Part 2, then you are truly missing out on a treat (2015). To recap from Part 1, Katniss Everdeen and the...

Solent TV Flash Film

FLASH FILM  produced by Solent TV as a Summer Drama Project Solent TV is creating an experimental new concept for this year’s summer drama project. ‘Flash Film’ takes aspects of the highly successful Solent TV...
Today Show Slave

50 Shades of Grey – you’re not wrong to enjoy it……….

50 Shades of Grey is absolutely everywhere. Check your Facebook without being reminded of the release of the unconventional film this Valentine’s Day.

Hijack Cinema summer outdoor screenings

Hijack Cinema shows your favourite movies and will never believe that the medium of film should be confined to multiplex cinemas- that's why Hijack Cinema made it their mission to show the most awesome films in the...

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Directed by Zack Snyder, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (henceforth known as BVS), is DC’s and Warner Bros. answer to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, as they furiously try to catch up in establishing their...
Star Wars The Force Awakens

What if Star Wars: The Force Awakens sucks?

In the passing weeks, I’ve had a question rattle around my mind. It doesn’t concern Christmas, I’ve done all my shopping. It doesn’t concern University work either, though I probably should worry about that...
Crimson Peak

REVIEW: Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak, a film written and directed by Guillermo del Toro (co-writer Matthew Robbins), was released in cinemas on October 16th, just in time for some great Halloween spooks and scares. The film consists of...



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