REVIEW: The Chainsmokers’ new single, ‘Paris’

REVIEW: The Chainsmokers’ new single, ‘Paris’


The Chainsmokers first hit the charts way back in 2014 with the infectious, if not slightly irritating, ‘#Selfie’. But, they found their sound in 2016, and smashed the UK Singles Chart with ‘Closer’, giving them their first number one, which stayed sittin’ pretty for four weeks.

The single brought them a huge amount of success and recognition, along with a slew of bad reviews and trolling following their live performance at the VMAs, where frontman Drew’s vocals were described, quite accurately as “sh*t”.

The duo – Drew Taggart and Alex Pall – despite the critics, captivated audiences with ‘Closer’, and are tipped to do the same with their newest single, ‘Paris’. The lyric video  was released on January 12th, ahead of their latest UK gigs next month, which are selling out fast!


Much like the video, the song itself is unmistakeably from The Chainsmokers; the general feel is similar to that of ‘Closer’, with the same almost-monotonic melody and melancholy lyrics. The Chainsmokers seem to make this work, giving it a chilled house vibe which makes it ideal for the nightclub scene – so it’ll only be a matter of time before a remix comes out.

The Chainsmokers are well known for collaborating with female vocalists who bring quirky tones to their tracks, and Paris has this in spades. The Chainsmokers’ manager, Adam Alpert, silenced rumours that Selena Gomez features on the track, revealing that, this time, we are introduced to American singer-songwriter Emily Warren, who co-wrote their top ten hit ‘Don’t Let Me Down’. Warren’s sultry tones bring a deeper dimension to the track, although it’s repetitive sound calls for her contribution to kick in much earlier than nearly one and a half minutes in.

With an artist like The Chainsmokers, it is difficult to avoid comparing their new material to past songs, particularly with a song as successful as ‘Closer’, however, here it is unavoidable. The lyrics of ‘Paris’ are equally repetitive, but unfortunately leave something to be desired. The premise of the song relies on the idea of ’Paris’ becoming a metaphor for a place of fantasy, or a longing for a fantasy world which “evokes nostalgia or day dreams”. While the lyrics undeniably reflect and even create a feeling of nostalgia, they don’t seem to hold as much power or meaning for the listener as ‘Closer’, while the song washes over you a little if you are not listening hard enough.

While The Chainsmokers are bound to reap the rewards of yet another catchy, quietly euphoric single, the success will pose the question of whether this is due to their loyal and growing fan base, or the merits of the song itself. Only time will tell.

Until then, take a listen here, and find their newly released UK Tour Dates below:

15th Feb   Edinburgh, Corn Exchange
19th Feb   London, Roundhouse
23rd Feb   Manchester, Academy
24th Feb   London, Roundhouse
25th Feb   London, Roundhouse