The popular band released the song last year and now the music video is here to accompany it. 

For their new music video, Counterparts, the Canadian metal/hard-core band, mix it up by going for a highly artistic video. They are known for letting themselves go and expressing their own emotions while performing their songs in previous music videos such as Burn and Swim Beneath My Skin. This sudden change in style, which is a more “traditional” music video helps convey the emotions of the song just as well, if not more so.

Vocalist Brian Murphy says, “The director, Josh Halling, killed it and it feels like we made a mini movie as opposed to a music video. It is a nice break from our usual performance heavy video styles.”

This is certainly true. While watching the video you could easily mistake it as an art film over a music video if it weren’t for the guttural screams of the vocalist. Despite the difference in style of the video and their sound, director Josh Halling has done a fantastic job. Two very different styles have married perfectly. The constant change of pace and emotion works well and begs the question, have Counterparts found a new style?

“A fiery album”

Whether they have or not, its undeniable both the video and the song are full of strength, power and emotion. It’s everything you could possibly want from the title song of your new album. You’re Not You Anymore was released by Pure Noise Records last year. It’s a fiery album with eleven great tracks. This includes the acclaimed No Servant of Mine which they believe “blurs the lines between hard-core and metal.”

The video has been released ahead of their UK show in May where they will be playing at Slam Dunk Festival. They will also be playing Leeds City Centre, Hatfield Park and NEC Birmingham. If you love hardcore metal and a band with utter conviction in what they do, then Counterpart have your back. The dates of their performances are below:

Tour Dates

Saturday 26th May – Leeds City Centre
Sunday 27th May – Hatfield Park
Monday 28th May – NEC Birmingham