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Decorations, presents and food are all important features for making a Christmas magical. Unfortunately they usually involve spending a lot of money, which most students just don’t have. Well not anymore, we have compiled a list of the best crafty Christmas ideas to get the festivities off to a jolly start without breaking the bank.

Decorating your flat for Christmas can be a daunting task with the price of decorations being so high. So instead why not try making your own.

Remember the paper chains you used to make as a child at school? Well these are great for hanging around the walls of a flat to bring in a bit of festive cheer. Try using metallic gold, red and green paper to add to the Christmas feel. You can even use left over scraps of Christmas wrapping paper.

Andrew Butitta, Lights, Via Flickr CC by 2.0
Andrew Butitta, Lights, Via Flickr CC by 2.0

Pinecones can easily become beautiful tree ornaments with just a bit of string tied around one end and a ribbon made into a bow at the top. For those who prefer a bit of sparkle, just dip the pinecone in a mixture of water, glue and glitter.

For those students with an abundance of discarded bottle tops (and lets be honest what kind of a student doesn’t have these lying around their flat) instead of being rubbish, these can be made into tree ornaments. Some googly eyes, a red felt ball and some silver pipe cleaners as antlers and presto you have your very own Rudolph tree decoration.

Nicholas LabrynthX, Candy Canes 5, Via Flickr CC By 2.0


Beer cans can also be put to good use by gluing candy canes around the outside until the can is complete covered and finish with a festive red bow. Use as a vase for flowers, or just as a table centrepiece.

The best thing about a handmade Christmas gift is that it will be completely unique. You don’t have to spend big to put a smile on your loved ones faces. There are an abundance of websites which feature great and inexpensive handmade Christmas gift ideas.


Visit for a list of one hundred and one handmade Christmas gift ideas, it has everything from I pad cases to home accessories. This list compiles all of the best Christmas gift craft ideas from around the web. Each idea has a link which takes you to a how to guide.

Me!bourne Mermaid, Mince Pies, Via Flickr CC by 2.0



_FXR, Champagne Supernova, Via Flickr CC by 2.0


For those who are unable to go home for the holidays, preparing a Christmas day feast no longer has to require a Christmas miracle. Blind taste tests have proved that buying quality food and drink does not mean having to win the lottery. Aldi and Morrison’s range of mince pies, Christmas puddings and even champagne has beaten the likes of Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. It seems that although these budget supermarkets continue to slash their prices, the quality of the food has not been affected.

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Smabs Sputzer, Christmas Pud, Via Flickr CC by 2.0