Thursday 22nd of October was the day that all coffee fanatics had a mental breakdown; the most disappointing day for Southampton Solent Students as those whose lectures were based in the SM building who were forced to go caffeine-free.

The tragic breakdown of the coffee machine!

The break down of the coffee machine in The Artisan cafe caused so much dismay among the lecturers and students that morning because they could not reach for the beloved hot beverage to keep them awake and ready for their busy morning. The lack of caffeine in various forms whether in the form of espressos, lattes, mochas or cappuccinos almost caused a riot.

The Nervous Breakdown!


Photographer : Natalia Kwiatkowska
Photographer : Natalia Kwiatkowska

I’m pretty sure this is the best way to describe what happened to all who witnessed this terrible event. The staff of The Artisan were stressed and irritated that their service failed to deliver the usual everyday satisfaction to their regulars and visitors.

How on Earth was this possible? A well-known student cafe which always delivers great coffee without a coffee machine? The rage I developed from my lack of caffeine almost turned me into a monstrous inhuman zombie as I slowly slipped into a state of Depresso.

It was difficult. The staff couldn’t offer the quality they are known for but did their best under the circumstances. It must have been one of the most annoying mornings of all for both parties.

People were running around like a bunch of headless chickens, clucking for the caffeine they longed for.

Nevertheless we could all break out of the misery caused by the lack of something we want rather than need and go for healthier options, all of which are on the menu in the cafe.

This event could perhaps lead us to take up healthier living from now on. You don’t necessarily need access to caffeine. Try instead:

  • getting more sleep
  • going for a jog before embracing a busy day
  • rewarding yourself with a vitamin-packed smoothie afterwards
  • swapping highly-caffeinated drinks for flavoured green tea which still provides a boost while being healthier
  • drinking more water to hydrate your brain and keep it performing to its optimum level


Adopting any of these changes will get you going throughout the upcoming winter days, all you need is a change of perception. We have become so used to bad addictions and habits we don’t even realise what we do to ourselves.

Too much caffeine stresses your body. You only have to try and cut it out completely to see its downside. Within hours you’ll have a withdrawal headache. Don’t get me wrong I am not telling you to cut coffee out of your diet completely, just cut down a little. This will help you embrace the beauty of stress-free and healthy life. You also won’t have a meltdown should the coffee machine break down again!