Derren Brown’s latest ‘Miracle’ tour is nothing short of its namesake.

Having always been a bit of a sceptic of all magic and illusions myself, the opportunity to finally attend one of Mr. Brown’s shows, and see the illusions happen in front of my own eyes, was one I could not pass up on.

The balance of showmanship, general crowd pleasing and impressive illusions is something Derren Brown has clearly managed to perfect over his industrious career. Even if you weren’t a fan of his illusions on the night, it was nigh on impossible, to leave the Mayflower theatre, without considering yourself a fan of the man himself.

He had the crowd practically eating out of his hand from beginning to end as gasps and laughs were never more than a few minutes apart.

The illusionist was able to keep the crowd on side throughout the course of the show, involving various members of the crowd in illusions that left even the friends of those involved scratching their heads.

On the rare occasion that the drunken know-it-all in the crowd tried to catch him out, Derren cleverly played the shouts down as if his illusion had been foiled, and in doing so, only intensified the shock factor when the next big reveal came, and the crowd’s acknowledgment of his bluff.

Unlike many of his other shows there was a real sense of fun throughout as a pose to the more serious and dark side of his illusions.

Many of the illusions had a comic twist to them and the sarcasm in which entire portions of the show were conducted was pure genius.

With a fully booked out venue, Derren’s inclusion of outside parties via the means of twitter and others, left even the most sceptic of us in the audience scratching our heads while throwing together our hands in pure amazement.

Normally I would include a statement in this review, something along the lines of:

“If you are planning to attend a magic or illusion show go into it with an open mind. It is very easy to sit there and try to catch them out on every trick, but where is the fun in that?”

However, the show itself is so ingenious that a line like that is hardly necessary.

By the end of Miracle if the power of the illusions don’t speak enough for themselves, the insightful, and rather heartfelt life messages that Derren Brown gives throughout the show, are sure to convert even the toughest of his critics.